Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Before and After....

 I finally have some photos of my new look family room.
That's right the painting is finished (insert happy dance) the last of the renos is over....
Lets have a look at the journey shall we, come along and have a look with me.

Remember this room before was bedrooms and entry way(below)

Now it is one nice big open living room.

We knocked down a lot of walls and had a support beam put in. Even before we painted it looked so good.

But now it is amazing.
What a change, so bright and airy. I have also moved the table and sitting area around. It is all working much better with the table closer to the kitchen.

Below you can see how this was once a bedroom.

Looking more like a family room with the lounge and a few plates on the wall.

I know, have I mentioned that I am loving the white, and don't the plates look so much better against the white walls.

Even this dinner set that has been here for years looks better.

Have you noticed I am using a turquoise colour in here, I have been collecting bits and pieces in this colour waiting for when I painted.

So what do you think?
I have to admit at first the white was very well WHITE, but once I got my plates on the walls and colour around with the cushion's and throws it made it much more MANDY.

But not every thing is white, I still love my blue kitchen. I have given it a freshen up with new white trims though, I will show you that latter.

Have a great day.


  1. Its looking absolutely fabulous Mandy. Amazing how much bigger the space looks now.

  2. Oh your house looks wonderful Mandy, the white does look so good with your plates :)


  3. Wow! what a makeover the white really opens it up. If it was me I would be standing in the room every hour or so just looking & enjoying. I must admit I often do that when I change my furniture around. I keep entering the room just for a bit of eye candy Lol!

  4. Wow, it looks great. I love the white it makes the space so much lighter and the plates do look wonderful with the white background. xx

  5. It looks so much better and I agree the white paint makes the room bright and airy looking.

  6. The white looks so elegant - fantastic makeover!


  7. This is really very nice i like it and i am very much impreessed from your ideas hope you will be consider me..
    Thank you for post.

  8. Well done, that took some vision and looks so inviting.
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.