Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am way past PANIC o yeh
I am a little on the FREAKY side...

Every one is telling me

But in my mind I was thinking of a garden wedding like this...

Now I'm seeing more of this

So now I'm having to go out a buy a pair of these...

There is still time for the rain to stop......PLEASE...


  1. Mandy, I think the gummies will be a great look, they're really trendy!

  2. I found some very cute gumboots at Target- they would look very cute!
    Go and buy a nice matching umbrella and you will be set - whatever the weather!

  3. Hopefully the rain will stop in time but if not they say a wet wedding is good luck:0)

  4. Yaaaay.....no raining on the weekend, hope it all went well and was a wonderful family gathering, Congratulations !