Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My new spot...

William finger is doing much better and he said thank you for the comments, and we did go to golden archers for a sundae after being at the hospital Sunday night.

Now to share what we did renovating ways on the weekend.
Even though it rained all weekend we still manages to get a few things done. Below is the veranda before.

Below Now. We did more than pull the railing off.

I have new stairs!!!!!!
I am so excited  about this as I have always thought a set of stairs leading straight from the side door out to the garden would be a great idea. And it is!!!!!

 So now looking from the side door the view in not interrupted. I know I have to put railings on them and I really don't want to as I love the look of them with out railings.

I am enjoying my new sunny spot for a morning coffee out here.

I'm off to the hair dressers now...Enjoy your day..


  1. Looks great and very practical too!

  2. what a lovely view you have now

  3. Hi Mandy, just popped on to say hello, found your blog via Rhonda, am enjoying reading back through your old posts and admiring your craft and amazing garden.
    Hope to see you at the Library next Wednesday evening :)