Monday, June 4, 2012


When fishing do not use your finger as bait.

Yep William got a hook stuck well and truly in his finger...4 needles later.... lots of screaming,...... me trying not to pass out (Greg was good at this not me) lots of cutting open of finger and lots of blood later it came out.

William HATES going to the doctors but when we were on the way to the hospital he held up his hand and said.
" They better give me a needle to knock me out cause I can't go to school with this in my finger"

He was so brave he didn't move once while they were cutting it out...

But he'll be back fishing again on the week end I'm sure....

That's my fishing story you got any?????



  1. I can watch things like open heart surgery on TV but anything to do with fingers, toes, knees or hips and I get all squeamish! The photo made me go all tingly - ick! Hope it's okay now,


  2. I better go sit down - this gives me the creeps. I could NEVER be a doc/nurse, AND I'm a terrible patient. Can't do blood or needles. He was VERY brave!! Give that boy some extra dessert and let hom stay up past his bedtime. He's earned it!!