Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting Ready.....

Hi all sorry I have been so long getting back to blogging...But I ask who gets married at the end of the financial year????But I am nearly on top of the book work and back to share more photos.

Bruce has 4 children The eldest 2 boys and the youngest 2 girls, below is Bruce's 2 boys Scott(with glasses and Gordon, also 2 of my boys Robbie and William.

The boys all got ready over at Chloe's place they had her running around after them.
 When that was all done she come over to home to be with the girls.

When I saw this photo of Bruce I had a laugh but he assured me he didn't drink the whole bottle on his own.

Below is Family photo once we were all ready...David wasn't able to make it down so it isn't a proper family pic without him in it. As you can see the two youngest boys were in the wedding party, as was Cassie.

We even had our own beautician on hand as Madori is a make up artist and helped the girls out with their make up.

Some last minute touch ups.

Time to go..

First William walked out followed by Bruce's daughter Emma....
The girls looked so pretty in there dresses, blue for Emma, and pink for Cassie.

As you can see the new stairs were well used for our wedding procession.
Cassie was next.

Followed by Robbie and my self. Robbie asked to walk me down the isle, doesn't he look so grown up and handsome.

The Children joined us at the front, Bruce's on his side and my gang on my side.
It was lovely to have the children a part of the ceremony.

and I had to show you a photo of Grace, we are hoping she will be walking by September when we do it all again for Chloe and  Damien...won't she make the cutest flower girl.

I hope you enjoyed a trip down the isle with me.....


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Backyard Wedding .....

Hi all and thank you all for your well wishes.

But I know you want to see pictures, well I have lots, hahaha

I hope I won't bore you all too much with the next few umm lots posts about our wedding, but I loved every minute of the preparations towards it. We spent Thursday and Friday getting all the little bits done which was fun. On Friday the house was full of flowers, I made our bouquets and all the flowers around the place were put causally into vases.

I used gerbras(hmmm is this the right spelling it looks wrong) as they were all I could get at this time off year (cheap). The pink ones were lovely and I also used pink lilies in my bouquet and lots of flowers from the garden.

Cassie decorated all the straws with peoples names and little words all on them, now they looked cute. I think it's all the little things like this that make people now you care.

Then we filled up the water jug with fresh water and slices of lemon. I picked this up in Brisbane when we went down looking for Chloe's wedding dress and new it would be perfect for the wedding.

This was all put together on the side board with glasses and wine glasses that I have been collecting for months...52 wine glasses so if you need to lend any you know who to call..

Time to move onto the teabags...Emma spent hours cutting out the hearts and gluing them to the teabags..

Cups and saucers were then all washed up and put out with milk jugs and sugar bowls. All starting to come together....

Below the girls are hard at work..

With the veranda I set up all the round tables and chairs. Lots of flowers out here as well and table clothes to finish it all off.

I used balloons as decorations as well as banners that we made. Then all the furniture was moved into the boys room so we had one big open room.
Now the house is finished lets do the yard.

 Now this was the boys job....Cleaning up and setting out chairs..

I used paper lanterns and more banners out in the garden..
 Looks much better all cleaned up and decorated.
as I said earlier I so enjoyed getting every thing ready and looking pretty for our big day..

I  hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of our preparations...There isn't a lot of photos as I was so busy getting every thing ready I forgot to take many.
I will show more later in the week of what I have though.

Blessings to all

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We are Married

Saturday was bright and  sunny a perfect day for a perfect wedding.

I will share all about the day when I get home.

Blessings to all