Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Love Story.......

Remember me? Well I used to blog regularly once but things slipped there for a while and blogging was on the back burner,but I'm back......One of my dear blogging friends Deb asked me what my married name is now? Well.........It is still Storey...
O.K there's a story to this so go make a cuppa and I will tell you..


To make a long story short Bruce is Greg's brother......Yeah I married another Storey some story hahahaha...

Getting married again was not high on my to do list that is for sure and certainly not to one of my brother in laws....Bruce and I were often on the phone talking as he was always there to listen to my ramblings after Greg died, and I to his as he didn't have a very happy life at all.

One evening Bruce turned up on the door step and told me he had fallen in love with me and wanted to make my life happy again...To say I was shocked is a understatement, I looked at him and just laughed....really laughed. To Bruce's credit he didn't turn around and go...

After a week of tyring to convince me that it was a good idea for us to go out I decided to give it a go..
Boy did he have his work cut out, I found it all very strange at first. I mean he went from brother in law to boy friend that is some change...
Emotions were varied as you can imagine. The three youngest kids still living at home Will, Robbie and Cassie were all fine about it.( I think they were glad I had stopped crying) The older children didn't cope as well, but they were all living there own lives and they  had always had two loving parents while growing up to help them grow into the strong adults they are today.....The younger three needed that as well.  Greg and Bruce's family and friends, well some were happy others not as happy.
 One thing I did learn is people are selfish and don't like change....I found that me being happy made people angry at me.....At first I couldn't under stand why they weren't happy for me. Now I know that the were unable to move on and would rather I stay at home sad and miserable for the rest of my life as that is what good widows are supposed to do...This surprised me....I realized that it wouldn't matter who I went out with they would feel the some way.....

Being with Bruce I have learnt even more about my Greg. Listening to Bruce talk about the things that Greg got up to as a kid gives as all a good laugh....Greg was the eldest Brother in his family and Bruce was 8 yeas younger and the 2nd youngest brother...There was 6 in all...Greg and Bruce were also the only  Christians in there family...As Brothers in there adult years they were very close....One thing I find about being with Bruce is he understands when even now I still have days when the grief of loosing Greg still over whelms me....He to has sadness as he lost a brother and friend....

So together we are moving on...Bruce will always be Uncle to the kids and that's what they call him....William calls him Unky which is cute......We are a family now may be not your run of the mill family but we make it work, and I know that we are all so much happier than I thought possible.......

That is my story as to why I am still
Mandy Storey

Blessings to you all



  1. what a beautiful Storey(hehe!) Love is a beautiful thing and I am glad you have found happiness again..when I frist came to your blog and read how Greg had died I just sat and cried..thinking what is that was my Darling Husband so to hear you have found love again is just so wonderful

  2. Best Storey I have ever heard! I echo JoyfulHomemaker's sentiments, wishing you a life of love and happiness. It is what every good person deserves.


  3. I'm happy that you are happy!
    Life is too short to spend time being sad when happiness is within your reach. Congrat's!!

  4. Guess what...when i read your blog and the first pic of Bruce a little while back my first thought was gee he looks like Greg and even scrolled to where Gregs pic it all makes sense..I pray that you will be happy and remember to just enjoy the ride..buggar everyone else!

  5. I am glad you have found happiness again, Mandy, you and Bruce both deserve it. I think Greg would approve too :)

    Thank you for sharing your love "Storey" At least you dont have to change your change anywhere :)

    Love and best wishes to you both xx

  6. I love a Storey with a happy ending!

  7. Oh Mandy what a beautiful story. Im so happy for you.

  8. My comment must have got lost somewhere, new to this not sure what happend. But I said something like: All the 'Storey' comments I can think of have been taken!!! Don't worry what other people say if you are the only things they have to think/worry about then they don't have much of a life.

    Congrats to you both and live a happy life as you both want to not how others perceive things.

  9. I love this!! It's a real fairy tale, don't let folks with nothing better to do steal your joy!!!

  10. I won't add anymore storey comments, I am so glad you are happy. Life is too short not to enjoy it!

  11. Lovely Story Mandy Thanks for sharing it with us..
    I'm so glad that you have found another companion and you are Happy.
    Take Care

  12. Thank you so much Ladies for all your lovely and supportive comments....I am so glad you enjoyed my Love storey....HUGS to ALL

  13. How wonderful!! Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you've found happiness and someone special to share your life with.

    Many good wishes for the future!!

  14. Oh My Gosh Beautiful lady that is the most gorgeous romantic and wonderful love story I have ever heard.

    I said to DH when we looked at the wedding photos its weird you know this guy looks like Greg - little did I know !

    I am so thrilled for you - it is a waste of life to be miserable all the time. I am sure you feel that Greg sent his brother to watch over you and your family - and share in the happiness and fulfillment that would be a life with you.
    What an incredibly unselfish man he must have been.

    And what a wonderful thing that you and Bruce can share the joyous memories, comfort one another in the grief and build a whole new life moving forward together.

    I am so so please for you all.
    Love and hugs