Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Favorite Finds.

Hi All,
I wanted to show you all a few of my favorite finds.

I have madly been doing the second hand shops in Toowoomba and I have came across some lovely things. I got the glass cake stand for only $5. I put my dome over it, and sat my silver bird and a ceramic rose i there as well.

 I have seen so many blogs that use the domes for decorating and they look lovely, so I was excited I found this one on my Honey moon at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre in Brisbane. I even saw Sandy from www.paintmewhite.com   There is some great stuff in there to see.

Plates is what I have been hunting for though....

Dinner plates, wine glasses, drinking glasses, bread and butter plates theses are just some of the things I have been buying from the Op shops.

When I walk into Vinnie's and the lady asks me how the plate hunting is going I know that I have been in there WAY to many times....hahah

Their is nothing like having lovely old china plates to eat off..and set the table with. All the colour comes from the plates and light glimmering on the glass makes a elegant table setting.

This set below I got on Friday from a op shop I didn't even know was there.....I know I missed one..
This was only $6 for the lot.
It's not a full set but close enough...

I needed some where to store all this china so I brought down this old cupboard from the dairy, it used to have all my material stored in it...Now though the dairy is always full of back packers and I have no sewing room..I love this old girl though.

And as you can see she is filling up fast with china.

The inside was already painted the teal colour which I'm loving at the moment.

Thanks for spending time reading my blog....




  1. Wow you have some fantastic china finds there! I love the pretty cupboard too.

  2. Oh I love them all, I am a collector of old plates too! I find the best op shops around here are the ones in nearby little country towns...


  3. I love all your pretty dishes! I am on the hunt for some myself- I am making cake stands from them for Xmas pressies!

  4. Hi gorgeous. Loving all of the china and the tables do look beautiful all set up with the crockery looking all pretty. What a great cupboard for it all too. I would love to come round for dinner when night and feel treated all special. Also loved the wee drop of the word HONEYMOON , lol, how exciting Mrs Storey- hehe

  5. What a gorgeous room, so pretty. Louise

  6. Hi Mandy, love your little cupboard with all your gorgeous china in it. Lovely to meet you the other week. Sandy x

  7. Great finds and they look so pretty on the set table.

  8. Lovely finds Mandy, I havent been op shopping for a while must do something about that. YOur dining room is looking lovely.