Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Spring Bedroom.............

I have given my bedroom a Spring make over.....

I am loving the turquoise color at the moment so I have gone with that and Hot pink this time...Looking at this though I think I need differant curtains?

I loved the Black and White but it had been like that for 12mths and I have been itching to change it again...
 I brought the freshness into the bathroom as well.
My perfume adds colour as well...I get lots of perfumes from my daughters as presents. I don't think a girl can have to many perfumes.

I made new matching light shades for the bedside tables.
I got this material from www.beachvintage.blogspot.com  They have some great fabric and are very reasonable with there prices.
The cane chest at the end of the bed keeps all the linen it it and now the extra from the black phase....hahaha

About the walk in robe....
I wish I had more shoe storage, if there was something I would do different it would be to take these shelves out and have it all shoe storage. Then I would need some where to put all my hand bags sighhhh what is a girl to do.
I did have a clean out after I took this photo and it looks a little better now...
I hope you enjoyed my Spring bedroom make over I will share more later in the week....
Untill then
Blessings to all

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