Monday, October 29, 2012

Babies,babies and more babies...

Hello all
Sorry I have been so long in posting, but I have some exciting news.
I have 3 new grand babies  due in the new year!!!!!!!!!!
(insert happy dancing)
Chloe and Damien are due in
Thank goodness I will have 1 grand baby living near me.
and the big surprise is
David and Karen are due in February, this was the best kept secert around I think..I mean I was starting to give up on these two, hahaha. I am so excited our first Storey baby and also the first Storey to be born in February...
March sees Jess and Lach having baby No 2...So Gracie gets not only a new brother or sister but also 3 cousins..She is a spoilt litlle princess.

to all 3 of my wonderful children and partners. I know what I'll be doing next year, a lot of travelling and holding babies.......
Toowoomba is talking about getting daily flights to and from Roma, I hope they do, then I better get a frequent flyer account...hahahaha.
Blessings to All

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