Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Country Garden........

Hello all I'm back. Thank you for the comments on my last blog, I am sorry I haven't got back to comment. Alanah is doing well over in Canada, catch up with her on her blog
I thought you would like to come for a walk in my garden,
Below is the jacaranda tree in the front yard. It is late evening as we go around so imagine me camera in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.
As we come through the front gate you can see the grass is starting to brown...It has been VERY dry here of late. Not now!!!! we woke up to rain this morning and it has been raining hard and steady all day, so it won't take long for the grass to green up and the plants to all bloom.
The roses are all blooming and every thing is looking good dispite the lack of rain. I do have a bore so am able to water if it gets too dry.  As you walk along you will see black pipes all over the place, this is all the grey water from the baths and washing machine as I use every bit of water on the garden.

All the saliva's are shooting back after a good prune in July, and the seaside dasies are going wild, as are the geraniums.

Out the back the book leaf tree is alive with bees and colour. After it has finished flowering it is going to get a good hair cut as well.

The back garden is small but has so much colour, ever thing is flowering out here except the agapanthus but it won't be long and they too will put up there large purple heads.
Right up the back you can see the hippeastrums are flowering well again this year. The vivid red at the front is a geranium, Big Red. It sure does live up to it's name.
I hope you enjoyed this quick look, later I will take you down to the back garden.
Now because work is so quiet I am going to catch up with a few of you. And tonight I will try to remember my computer when I go home so I can really catch up...
Blessings to All

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