Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pool House to Cubby House...

I have done it, I have got in and revamped the cubby house.
We built this cubby about 13 years ago for the girls.

They slowly outgrew it and the boys used it for camping out in. But lately it has been used as just the pool shed and for dumping toys in there.

But now it is back to being a Cubby House. A pretty place for little girls to play when they visit. And for my grand daughter Grace when she is down to visit.
It didn't take long as I got the backpackers to paint it, then I bought some bits and pieces down to decorate.

A comfortable chair for reading in.

A tea set for tea time. William wasn't happy about the pink in here and that I made it for girls, but he has put his Army men down here in the baskets and is happy to play in here as well.
I am happy with the way it turned out...
Next we will paint the out side as it is starting to peal.

Other happenings is Tuesday Alanah flew out to Canada. She is going to Lake Louise Alberta to work in a ski lodge there.

 These are the last photo we got of her going.
Lots of tears had all round as she will be gone for 2 years such a long time.
I know though she will have the best of times there....Good luck my brave girl, live your dreams.

Blessings to All

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