Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Grace and Gardening. The two Gs

Hello All...So much for being a good blogger I think I am getting worse at updating my posts. The main reason is I forget to take photos of every thing and then I have nothing to show you....

But i do have some photos  of Gracie..
Chloe and I went out to Surat to visit Jess, Lachlan  and Grace. They have bought them selves a lovely house out there, so we had to go out and check every thing out.  Pretty little place Surat, I really enjoyed it.
Grace being cool in her sunnies like Grandma....
I have been busy gardening as well as visiting daughters and grand daughters
 The Vege Garden has been getting a work out.
It was time to start planting out again.

Every thing is so dry though, it just soaks up the water, we really need rain as the creek has stopped running as well. Showers are short and the water police are on patrol (ME)

I have tomatoes growing well and lots of basil. I have planted basil in pots as well to keep in the kitchen and on the veranda so they are a bit closer.

We had artichokes this spring....Mmmmm I love them, I would love to learn to bottle them so I have them longer. I always leave some to flower as the flower is spectacular I think.

Below you can see the trellis for the climbing beans at the back and more herbs at the front.

My friend Angie and I are combining our gardens, she will plant what I haven't got and then we will share. That way we get more of a variety. I have tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, beans,capsicum, cucumbers, eggplant, chili and lots of herbs.
What have you got going in your vege garden???
I thought I would leave you with a photo of Grace when I told her that her Uncle Dave is having a baby.....See we are all happy...Hahahaha  


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