Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm Back....

Thank you for the feed back for my last post..I tried to buy more photo space and it wouldn't let me. So frustrating!!!!!!!!!
Then today I thought I would give it another go and Ta Dar it lets me down load more photos......Go figure.....
Lots has been happening here, I am right into making soy candles. Going to all the thrift shops to get glass ware to make them in. I have a cupboard full and lots more sitting in the pantry, but below in my favorite one.
Above with out the lid and below with the lid on.When you have finished with the candle you have a nice little glass jar that you can use.
I have also been busy making soap, all natural made from oils. This soap will not only clean but moisturize at the same time.

I also had Chloe's Baby Shower on Sunday...
Lots of work all these parties, I spent Saturday cooking and the party Sunday(eating hahaha)
it was a lovely day with friends and family.
We had a pretend cake made from nappies..
 But also one we could eat.
It's good to be back blogging....