Monday, February 27, 2012

A Walk Through the garden.....

Hi every one!!!!
How was your week end????
 WET...All around it has been raining and I am loving it. The rain has been good for my garden  come for walk and have a look. We'll go down to the red gate first.

and through the gate to the new Chicken Pens for a look.
 The girls are enjoying their new home and are loving all the green grass out here.

This time there is 3 seperate pens. That way I have the different breds seperate and a spare pen to rotate them into. Because there is no trees here I got sunshades for them....From 2pm it is all in the shade though so they don't get any hot afternoon sun. Most importantly it is out of the house yard and I can let them out all day with out having my gardens trashed..

OK lets go back  through the Red gate and have a walk through rain forest part of  the garden.

The flowers on the palm trees are looking so pretty, I think they look like lace hanging in the trees.

From down here you can just glimpse the house... Greg planted all the palms 16 years ago when I was expecting Cassie. Every thing is growing and starting to fill out, the ground cover is doing well in this weather..OOOO it is so peacefull down here and pretty.

Looking to the right is the stairs to The Old Dairy you can just see the roof. I have 3 French backpackers staying there at the moment and they are getting all of this garden cleaned up and looking so good.

I still do all the mowing though..
.I mowed on Thursday but it dosn't look like it now does it.
The backpackers are earning there keep with all the rain as it is a never ending job with the weeding.
The back garden is looking so lush, the hills in the background are full of grass. I am going to have to get some cows again to keep all the grass down.
I will never complain about the rain though, I never get sick of it. There is a crispness to the air these last couple of mornings, Autumn is in the air and on it's way.

Soon the summer storms will be behind us. I will miss them as I am getting used to going to sleep at night to the sound of rain and thunder.

I hope you enjoyed the walk through what we all call DAD'S GARDEN. I think it will always be known as this no matter what I do to it, and that is fine with me.

Enjoy your week

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The morning sunshine.

Good morning all...
I thought I would share some photos with you this morning.

side veranda in the morning

Of the wonderful Summer sun shinning in through the windows. Sitting and having my coffee this morning I realized just how lovely the lounge room looked in the morning light.

Getting out the camera I started clicking away. I all so noticed that even though my house is high set at the front there is plenty of green to be seen. The green from the Jacaranda tree and the hanging baskets bring the out doors in.
I love it when I see my house through fresh eyes...Yes there is still work to be done and every thing is not perfect in my house...but it is home and I love my home...

Are you happy in your home?
 Is it some where you want to come home too?


On the week end we got the new chook pens finished. I needed to run up to Bunnings to get a few things and guess what I found.

Adirondack Chairs

I have been after these chairs for sooooo long...They sell out so fast, I have tried to buy them on line but no luck well not in my price range... I got the last 2 from Bunnings
(insert Happy Dance Here)

I will show you the new chook pen later in the week...
Have a great day


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time to play....

How is Wednesday going for you all ......
So far I have had a nice day, I'm of to work late today as I have to take William to the Dentist at 12.30pm...
Laundry before

 Walking into the laundry to do a load of washing I thought that it could do with sprucing up, you can see it's not dirty just in need of some attention...
Laundry after
I cleaned the walls and shelf, put my nappisan into a nice clear bottle I have had laying around. A bunch of silk much better. Having a morning at home to fluff around had been nice.

Laundry shelf

Next the kitchen
 I want to do some thing with the phone table in the kitchen. I got my retro phone from the Sunday markets a while ago and love it to bits. Because it is red I don't want to put in the office which is next to the kitchen.

As you can see there isn't a lot of room here but it does need something done...Any suggestions????????????

I thought of bringing my desk from my bedroom as I don't use it that much there and would probably get  more use in the kitchen. BUT  Then I would have to find something else for this wall in my room as it is a large space........

Hmmmm I'm thinking maybe I should go to work and stop thinking about it all and it will come to me.
It has been fun rearanging and playing with my things....
Enjoy your day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

About the house.....

Happy Tuesday all....
I wanted to share with you what I have been up to around the house lately. I picked this sign  up from a great shop in Gatton last time I was in there. Such a good saying  I think. As you can see I still haven't got around to painting the rest of the house. I was planning on doing it my self but I just don't have the time so I think I will have to call on Painter handy man Neville to come and do it for me at least it will get done then.

Last post I mentioned that we stopped at Ikea on the way home, I got a few little bits and bobs, my favorite being this new candle chandelier, loving it, it holds 10 candles.

As I don't have a light above the dinning room table I thought this would ground the table.

I have also brought in a stool to use along the window instead of chairs, manly because I don't have enough dinning room chairs. Also with the numbers I have been feeding you can fit more around a table with a long stool.

Looking at the above photos I have decided YES I have to get Neville down to paint. Funny how you stop seeing things that need to get done after a while isn't it.

I have made a start on getting the photos all back up in the hallway as well. I am thinking of painting all the frames black so they all look uniform.....not sure about this.I still have a lot of photos to put up on the other wall yet. I get them all out and then can't get it right so they all go back in the cup board..sighhhh  decision's decisions.

Below is my most favourite spot in the house, I love this table. At first I thought it was to big for the room but it has grown on me and we use it all the time, great for blogging on or when there is to many at the main table we use this one.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up too. Not as much as I would like but I'm hoping that will change soon....


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dreamworld Catchup

I can't believe that this time last week we were at the Gold Coast.

We had the most wonderful time there and William was so excited as he was tall enough to go on all the rides.

Robbie and Cassie tended to go on all the fast rides together which left William, Bruce and I to enjoy the slower ones. Will was much more interested in the animals though. We had the most relaxing 4 days ever. I call it a power holiday you know like a power nap just long enough to keep you going.

And for me on Sunday we came home via Ikea....O yeh baby....Ummm not many photos as I was to busy oohing and aghhhing and forgot to take some...

I am working on this fine Saturday morning well actually at work catching up on my blog...hahahah
Alanah normally works on Saturdays but she has taken her Grandma to Roma to visit Jess and baby Grace.. I am most envious as well as the kids say No fair...

Enjoy your week-end
I am going to catch up on what has been happening in Blogland in the last 10 days.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for a Break....

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words for my last post...I am feeling a bit better now, not as sore. As if kick boxing isn't enough I got an email yesterday saying that they are starting Yoga at the Hall on Monday night..Hhahahaha I'm thinking
Saturday get all your aggression out then on Monday go along and learn to relax. hmmm not sure about the yoga, last time I tried it I loved the exercise part but the chanting bit no way. Do any off you ladies do Yoga and what do you think???

 Above is my workshop, somewhere I spend way to much time. I was there a lot through the school holidays.
SOOOOOOO tomorrow we are going to the Gold Coast. We have never had a holiday there, ever. On Friday we are going to Dreamworld..... last time I went was 25 years ago when David was a toddler.We are all looking forward to it. 

We'll catch up at the beach....