Saturday, December 14, 2013

O CHristmas tree.......

The decorations are all up and it is looking
a lot like Christmas.
Below is the family room, I have used little potted
trees for added greenery this year.

Below is the same room at night with the lights all on...
I don't need any other lights on at all !
For the table centre piece we have a basket of candles and 2 topiary trees.
Cassie has been decorating jars with candles in them and selling lots at our local
community nights.
They look lovely in this black French shopping basket.
Below a corner in the Family room.
My advent Christmas tree and a old frame with Christmas
cards in it, another potted tree and of course the Christmas cushions are out.
Stars and some balls and birds under a
glass dome.

Even my hutch has had the Chrissy treatment.

A few more bubbles around.... and my good dinner set
even looks Christmassy.

I hope enjoyed my Christmas tour...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life is good..............

I have been having the best time the last 5 weeks.
I have been going to Jamie's  Ministry of Food at the mobile kitchen. You can have a look at this link.
When I sold the business cooking classes was on my list to do ...So when the mobile kitchen came to town my friend Helen and I went. What a lovely bunch of ladies we were cooking with we had such a good time and learnt some great tips.

Last week end I did a permaculture course....this was so interesting and I have learnt so much.
Most of what I learnt I am already putting into practice so I really just need to work and fine tune what I am doing here at home.

 I have spending a lot of time in my green house  planting up seedlings and taking cuttings. It is so nice and cool in there so it's a good spot to be on these warm days.

I have also been sewing again now I have a room to sew in...Making Christmas dresses for Grace and Abby and shorts and singlets for Harrison and Mason.
Above is Harrison in his out fit all ready for the local Christmas Carols...
below is the dresses I made the girls.

I have enjoyed these last 2 months so much, finding myself again. I have learnt to slow down a bit, which isn't easy when life has been so hectic. I've been helping out at Williams school with him and he loves me being there... Tomorrow is his last day of school and then he is finished for the year. The last five years have been so full on that he has missed out on so much time with me and now he has only one year left of primary school.
We will get plenty of time now though with the summer holidays we are both looking forward to them.
I am enjoying all the Christmas blogs there are some amazing decorators out there.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Getting there...nowhere fast.

Well at least that's how it feels some days...
But I have been busy getting the kitchen cupboards in...
All right not me really
More like Bruce, Robbie, Damo and Loris. I was actually busy in my sewing room,
but I did offer encouragement...hahaha
All the wall units are now in and we are just waiting for the bench top to arrive.
Photo reveal when it is all in...
Today I have been busy putting the last of the Christmas decorations up.
I have my Angels on the shelf in the kitchen, and a potted tree I got last Christmas on the other side with lights....
The Christmas tree is up
and the dinning room table is looking festive.
When I go to town next I am going to get a lot more greenery to put around.
Still a few rooms to do and then I will give you a tour.

When I put my photos from the camera onto the computer I found lots of photos of Grace and Abby that Jessica must have taken when she was here.
I thought I would share there happy faces with you.

Have a great week...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cassandra's Graduation.......................

My beautiful girl has all finished school.

Cassie I am so proud of you
 Every one was there to wish her well and take photos.
Arriving with Nuna her partner and the car they arrived in.
Looking stunning.
A cheering crowd.
I could show so many more.
Have a great Monday

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A New Curtain...

In Spotlight last week I found this sweet shower curtain, that I knew would be great to give the kids bathroom a spruce up.
Once I hung it up  I knew I needed a new curtain in there as well....
  Lace of course, but I didn't have any...Hmmm Lace tablecloth that I don't use any more because of the holes in it.....Perfect..
A quick raid of the doily draw and 30mins later a new curtain...

Today I am making my grand daughters Christmas dresses. Below is the trail one for Grace.
I knew what I wanted and couldn't find a pattern...
It is called a Pillowcase Dress.....
So that's what I used a vintage pillow case.....
Their Mother is really going to love that......
Have a great Tuesday
I will
Alanah is arriving TONIGHT.....

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Slow Monday

Today is going to be a slow peaceful day.
We got a shower of rain overnight and the air and garden are fresh. Harrison is here with me today and we will spend time in the garden playing.

The rest of the week is going to be so busy, tonight I start my Jamie Oliver cooking classes at Queens Park.
Tomorrow we go to pick this beautiful girl up from the airport...
Yep my Alanah is coming home....
14 long months this girl has been gone and to say we are excited to see her is a under statement.

Friday my baby girl Cassandra graduates from year 12.
She has had a tough few months but I know this girl and she will grow and get stronger from all life's experiences.
All her sisters will be here to watch her graduate and cheer her on. So watch this space there will be photos.....

 On this slow Monday I will read some blogs, play with my grandson and rest up for the big week ahead.
Thank you for the great comments about my kitchen make over. I wish I could work out how to be able to answer comments like I see in other blogs but I can't seem to find out how, any hints.

Enjoy your Monday

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ktichen Reveal...............

Warning LONG post.(make a cuppa)
Below is the kitchen before, way before as it  still has the yellow trimmings.
 Above now,  you can the see the stove is gone and the island bench is in the middle as it should be. I have a shelf for my cookbooks and the big bench has been moved to the stoves place.
 My new chandeliers are installed, now you may think me crazy fore having chandeliers in the kitchen but I love they were not expensive..I also have done away with the table in the middle of the kitchen.
This wall before.

This is my main meal preparing area.
Same bench different place before it was a wasted bench as it was only ever used for coffee making and lunch making in the mornings.... Now it is earning it's keep.
I did and still do love the open shelves but a change was needed.
The kitchen sink before.
Nothing at all has changed here except the walls are painted and doesn't it look so much brighter and bigger.
This wall before

This wall isn't finished yet, this is where I am getting a unit built all along this back wall.
There will be a bench with wall cabinets above. It will look like one very big Kitchen Dresser. The wall cabinets will have glass doors so you will be able to see all of my china.
So until they come I am stuck with boring....The chairs will stay as in my kitchen this is were every one ends up, and it is nice to be cooking while chatting...
Now your probably wondering where the stove is....
Where a stove should be in the stove recess.
I am so happy with how this turned out. Now it took a lot of thought to take out the wood heater as in winter we need it. But I also know this is where the stove needed to go. As for the wood heater it will get a new home in the lounge room, I couldn't do with out it through Winter.

The meat safe fits one side and along the other Bruce made a bench to fit, I had 2 down lights put in here as well as a fan extractor which you can't see.
Bruce lined the whole back wall in pressed metal and we left it in its raw finish. I would have liked to take the 2 windows out and have one long window but that would have been major building due to the support beams, never mind I love looking out the window while I'm cooking.
Above is a close up of the pressed metal and also the tap Bruce put in for me to fill the kettle and big pots, this is the best idea ever.....
This layout works so much better I am in a smaller area working and it is not a walk way arranged this way. This is the main reason for redoing the kitchen, I was always tripping over some one.

 I am standing in one door way and you see now that traffic flow goes around the island and into the dinning room, not through the middle of my preparing area. Much better idea.
I kept my black board door.
 And behind blackboard is the butlers pantry with the fridge, coffee machine, dishwasher and all the other crap that one has....:)
Through to the dinning room. All one colour now and all just flows together.
And Harrison thinks the new kitchen is good cause Grandma has things he can play with...
I say it is a new kitchen which it is but I have used what I had....
Same stove that was moved and same benches which we moved, Bruce made the other bench out of a table we already had.
New things I got was
2 Chandeliers $240
2 Down lights  $40
I extractor fan $25
Pressed Metal $700
Painting $1200
Electrician $350
He had to move a light and install 3 new,
move phone plug,
 move 2 lots of light switches and fan switch,
 install extractor fan
Wire in stove
The rest of the work Bruce and I did..
Total Price $2555
Not bad for a new kitchen.
Yes I still have to get my long bench and floor covering these will be a big expense...But so far so good....
What do you think????
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