Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A wonder in the garden.

I thought I would share a few garden photos.
Below is some garden art that Bruce made me for the garden from some bits and bobs lying around.It is supose to be a kangaroo but looks more likea begging dog I think, he's cute any way.

For Christmas this year Bruce made me a green house, below you can see him hard at work. It is at the back of the vege garden. I already have some seedling going in there, I will show you more photos later.

The side garden looks lovely and cool and is always welcoming on hot days like today.
Every thing is growing well though the veges are having a hard time in this heat, that is way I am going to plant in the Green house and see how they do.

Below you can see it is at the entrance to the vege garden but goes out to the farm so no room was taken from the vege garden.I wanted it built from star pickets and poly pipe that was lying around so all we had to buy was the shade cloth. 

I am having another day off  today so nice to be home with the kids in the school holidays,they will soon be finished.
Now back to the sewing machine,making cushions for the family room now.
Blessings to all

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