Monday, January 7, 2013

My New Sewing Nook ( No 3 I think)

I have pictures, I 'm still unable to get a browse when I go to photos so I am loading them straight to pisica photos and then I  can add them no worries, it was a fluke that I worked this out  I tell you.
But I can now show you my new sewing nook...
Below is when I moved from the Old Dairy into the family room.
Now I have moved in to the main living room. I needed to have more light and I like to look out the window when I am sewing.
So I moved this cabinet and put a desk that I had around there.
I use the dinning room table to cut out on so every thing is nice and close. Not Ideal I know, but it works and at night I can have tea and go back to sewing..

I have made 8 new cushions so far and as I am blogging my material has arrived from   So after lunch I can get in and make some more. 
I thought I needed some yellow so I will make some yellow ones. The hard part is choosing the fabric as Fabric Traders have so many to choose from.

I am now back to having Monday's at home as I have got some-one that is working for me Mondays and when school starts it will be Mondays and Thursday's. Then when these Grand babies start coming I can drop every thing and go to Roma or Charters Towers or even across the road to Chloe. Now as long as Alanah DOES NOT  get married and settle in Canada I am all ready to go.
Have a great week all...
I'm going to get that sewing done.

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