Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome Harrison..........

It wasn't long ago that Chloe and Damien were married..and Looking forward to the birth of there first child.

 Harrison MacGregor Sutton
made his way dramatically into the world on Friday the 18th Jan 2013.At 11:51 am
9lb 5oz and 59 cm long.

Chloe and Damien.
Chloe started labor on Tuesday and by Friday morning they decided to give her an emergency C section...We now know that was the right choice as  Harrison had the cord wrapped around his neck 2 times...

The most beautiful baby boy there is with a hint of his Dad's red hair.

Uncile Will thinks he is all right as well.
 The year is of  to a good start one grand child born and 2 more due in the next 2 months.
To say I love this little boy is an understatment, love is amazing, it dosn't mater how many children are born into my family I always nhave more love to give...

Welcome Harrison I love you ...

Above Harrison is only 1 hr old and looking around as if to say
Hello do I know you? 

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