Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Quick weekend.......

I,m here in Charters Towers meeting my newest Grandson Mason.

Spending time with his amazing parents David and Karen.

I am getting in as many kisses and cuddles as I can.
Soon I have to go home and it will be a while before I see Mason again.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend
I know I am.....

Blessings to all

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Welcome to the world
Mason MacGregor Storey

Yes that's right I have a new grand son.....Isn't he gorgeous and so very dark.

Congratulations to this very special couple
Karen and David(photo bombed by Robbie lol)
So very happy and proud of you both..

As for me, tomorrow I'm flying up to Townsville to meet my gradson....
I'll show plenty of photos when I get back...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Up the garden path..........

I thought I would show you around the garden on this lovely summer evening...
Lets start at the nice end of the garden and walk up the pathway.
Stop and rest here a little  while at my favorite coffee stop.
Still cleaning up out here after all the rain and wind and  I need a few plants to liven it all up.
Down the back stairs, as you can see there is a lack of potted colour around after all the heat we had I couldn't keep the water up to the flowers. All I have left is the 2 bay trees.
The gardens are looking wonderful though after all the rain, yep first sering heat then floods. You can't pick it here in Australia.
The back garden is looking very bare. I have lost a lot of saliva's, lavenders and Daisy's out here. I have lost more plants in the last 2 years than all the years I have been here.
I am rethinking what I am going to plant....

This area below I would love to put a big formal garden here with fountain and lots of roses, but alas that will never happen as long as I have kids that want to play football.Sighhhhhhhhh.

Something like this I'm thinking.
Meanwhile I will keep planting and experimenting with the garden and we'll see what happens.

Here is the latest photo of Harrison with his Mummy, still waiting for baby No 2...(come on Karen what's the hold up????)
have a great week all....

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Week In Reveiw....

Hi all
What a wild week we have had here, rain rain and more rain, no photos though as it is taking forever for them to load.
I have lots of Grandma time with Harrison, who likes be held all the time, never mind he is a joy to hold.
The grass has gone wild, I have mowed but as yo can see below the edges need doing and the gardens are full of weeds and grass. All this in 1 week.......You can also see my budlia and rose are leaning over, I am hoping they will come back.

All the boys are having a boys day/night out. They have gone to the Toowoomba swap meet, then going canoeing, tonight they are off to the footy. So I am having a nice quiet day with Chloe, Harrison and MIL.
I have moved a stool into the hallway and put some photos and candles there as I thought it was looking a bit bare. You can see that there is the right side with no photos on it, they are there waiting for me to put them up.

 I did the 2nd hand shoppes on Wednesday and got some great bargains.
2 wonderful vintage table clothes and some great clothes.
I'll share them in a later post.
One more photo of Harrison that looks so cute in among my pillows...

Enjoy your week end All