Saturday, March 2, 2013

Coffee and Reading.......

Hi all
So far we have had a wet Autumn, it has rained here solid for a week now and no sign of stopping. Last night all the bridges went under again so we are stuck.
Plenty of time for reading and coffee.
As you can see unless I have a boat I ain't going any where.
I did have a great time in Charters spending time with handsome man both of them small and tall.
I have to say I have waited a longgggggggg time for this grand baby, worth waiting for I think if even he was 8 years in the waiting...hahahahaha.
Here I am with my three little cherubs, they look nothing alike at all do they, Grace looks like her Mum(daughter), Harrison looks like his Dad(SIL) and Mason looks like his Mum (DIL)
We are now waiting for baby No 4 Jess is due middle of this month, then I can say I don't think there will be any more Baby due posts for a long time.
When the rain eases up a bit I will go down to the garden that is now a river and take some photos, I may be blogging all week end not much else to
Enjoy your week end.

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