Monday, May 13, 2013

Look what's been happening in my Vege Garden.......

Happy Monday all.
The weather is starting to get cool here now so it is a good time to be out in the garden.

This year I am having a go at planting my strawberries in this old wheelbarrow as it might keep the pests of them. My basil is coming up all over the vege garden so I've been putting it in pots and giving it away.

 The passion fruit vine has a mind of it's own and is taking over the green house. I don't mind though as it has the most amazing fruit on it.
I have got lots of little seedlings coming up in the green house as well and will be ready to plant out soon.
Today there was a T.V camera in my old  vege patch.
 Guess why????
and guess who is coming to our local hall this week end to do a work shop.
 Rhonda from   Am I excited yes I am, I have been a follower of  Rhonda's blog for a lot of years it was through her blog that inspired me to do my own. Well now I not only get to meet her but also got interviewed with another lady for the local WIN news to promote this week end....
Only thing is I don't get the Toowoomba channel down here which is probably a good thing because I was so nervous I'm not sure what the heck I said....

The interview was down at the local hall but then they came back home to get some footage of my garden, the area below is what they were looking at as I planted some herbs.....This would have to be the WORST view of my garden....
 All to a good course though promoting our local hall and this week ends work shop.
Now I'm going to see what you all have been up to.
Blessing from
The T.V Star :)


  1. how wonderful the workshop will be fabulous I'm sure!

  2. exciting to be going to one of Rhonda's workshops..should be great. Good idea for the strawberries!