Monday, June 10, 2013

Long Week end.

 I have had a busy week end here, long week ends do that if your not going away.
Saturday in between Soccer and football I spent baking up a storm, cakes biscuits and sour dough bread.
Sunday I tried a new bread recipe and was really happy with it, simple but good.
6 cups P flour,
4 teaspoons yeast
pinch salt
Tablespoon of bread improver
teaspoon sugar
dash good olive oil
Mix all together and add tepid  water until a nice sticky dough has formed.
Need for 15 min.
I put mine in the mix master and used my dough hook.
From this recipe I got a loaf of bread and 12 bread rolls above is the loaf and two rolls.
We  had them with pumpkin and cauliflower soup yummmmmo

I also bottled my first batch of Ginger beer. I'll let you know in 10 ten days how it turned out, good I hope.
My Mother in law has been here all week end and has been busy knitting me some dish clothes, and face washers. She is like a knitting machine, my supply is done again for awhile.

Today I finally got around to making the bunting for Harrison's room. I will show photos of it up later as he was sleeping when I took it over.

 How did you spend your long, wet week end????


  1. sounds like a very productive weekend

  2. Great job, your blog is very beautiful and interesting, congratulations and kisses from Spain.

    This is my blog:

  3. I very productive weekend indeed! Your bread looks so good Mandy, I can smell it from here :)

    Hope your ginger beer turns out. Hubby has tried this a couple of times with great success...I have been crocheting some dishcloths from my leftover cotton. How lovely that your mum in law knits yours :) I love Harrison's bunting. I was going to try my hand at making a bunting for my laundry as it doesn't have a curtain in the window. Just something to jazz it up a little...

    We had a quiet long weekend, it was nice and sunny here thankfully...

    You have a lovely day :)