Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting Ready..........

First of all, I have no idea how the big picture of the veranda got onto my last post....
I bet I couldn't get a picture to that again if I tried..
But now My New outdoor room.
We are getting ready for Spring here only 2 more sleeps..
So it is time to get in and get the outdoor areas ready, first on the list was the courtyard, this area is between the back of the house and the car shed. Well now
there is now a roof on the courtyard yeahhhhhhh. This is something that has been needed for a while as when it rains this whole area is a pool of water. With Spring comes the warmer weather and the need to be outside, this area is now all weather proof.
I spent the morning foofing around out here, still a way to go but it is looking like an outdoor room.
It will be used this week end as I am having all the Grand babies at home, and there parents of course...This will be the first time they will all be together, I am so looking forwarding to having my family around, even though there will be one short. ALANAH it is time to come home we are all missing you....Things won't be the same with out Alanah here as she is definitely the clown of the family with her amazing sense of humor and constant smile....Love you Lana bear....
The chairs above are ones my dear neighbor Pam gave me all they needed were some cushion's to make them nice and comfy.
Now when it rains we will be able to walk from the shed to the back door with out getting wet.
I love getting ready for Spring......
What do you do to get ready for the warmer months????As for those of you just coming into Autumn I bet your looking forward to the cooler weather....
Have a great week end all.....

Monday, August 26, 2013

A good month.....

What a great week end we had here.
The sun was shinning and the wild wind looks like it is gone for another year.
I have been getting quite a haul from the vege garden every evening for tea.
Peas, carrots, beets, broccoli, zucchini and lettuce.
I love going out to the garden and picking veges for tea don't you.
No more zucchinis now though as we got 2 big frosts through the week and wiped them out. I was lucky though as only the zucchinis and tomatoes got hit every thing else survived.
With the warmer weather I am getting ready for Spring. Only a week to go and Spring will be here.
I got a mat for the dinning room, I have always wanted a mat under the table but never saw the sense it them as I would always be cleaning it.
I discovered these indoor/outdoor mats last year and so got this nice green one, they are recycled and plastic which makes them so easy to clean. I just mop mine when I mop the floor. I have one in my office and the first one I got is still like new it hasn't faded or worn at all.
I love the color it brings to the room and how it grounds the dinning table. It is a month today since I left work......boy has the time flown...All book work is up to date and I'm slowly getting Bruce's under control...........slowly......slowly.....they have been a bit neglected....
What did you get up to on the week end????

Monday, August 12, 2013

Enjoying the Vege Garden.

So much for blogging....
What with school sports, gardening, catching up with friends, gardening
well the week just went.
The weather has been perfect for gardening, and once I started there is no stopping. Above you can see the roses are blooming out the back and the garden is looking like Spring with the warm weather.
Can you see my flower over the fence?
look below to get a closer look.
 What else do you do with old shovels????
Why turn them into garden art of course. I can not take the credit for this as Bruce made it for me, well I did design it and find all the all the old shovel heads, but Bruce did the hard work.
I love it... O and the bush in front is a Curry tree that will grow to about 2 meters and give the table and chairs shade in the after noon.

The beetroot and carrots are nearly ready for picking and eating....
In the bottom level of the vege patch I can't seem to get grass to grow so I covered it all in bark chips and now it looks so much cleaner.

The peas are nearly ready to pick soon as well..
What's happening in your vege garden????

Tomorrow Chloe, Harrison an I are going on a trip to visit Jessica, Grace and Abby...
So there will be lots of baby photos when I get back....
Have a great week all

Friday, August 2, 2013

My First Week Home.

What a week, I've stopped and been smelling the roses. hahaa
I have been working though. Now I did think about tidying up my new office before I showed it to you but the truth is...
it was just to hard! There is paper work every where and I'm still trying to unpack files so here it is in all it's messy glory.
I am loving having this as my own space.
My view from my desk. How I love being able to work at home, down the steps and I'm here in my little office.
I have been getting the last of July's statements out in between gardening. I do get a little side tracked and go out to do some weeding, then back in for more book work.
Behind the hedge is my office, a nice walk to work every day,lol.
The nasturtium's are taking over this garden so I've been out there this morning pulling them all out. I found a rose in there not looking very good. Hopefully now it can see the sun it will come back.
Looking forward to getting back to blog land I've missed it.
Have a blessed week end