Monday, August 12, 2013

Enjoying the Vege Garden.

So much for blogging....
What with school sports, gardening, catching up with friends, gardening
well the week just went.
The weather has been perfect for gardening, and once I started there is no stopping. Above you can see the roses are blooming out the back and the garden is looking like Spring with the warm weather.
Can you see my flower over the fence?
look below to get a closer look.
 What else do you do with old shovels????
Why turn them into garden art of course. I can not take the credit for this as Bruce made it for me, well I did design it and find all the all the old shovel heads, but Bruce did the hard work.
I love it... O and the bush in front is a Curry tree that will grow to about 2 meters and give the table and chairs shade in the after noon.

The beetroot and carrots are nearly ready for picking and eating....
In the bottom level of the vege patch I can't seem to get grass to grow so I covered it all in bark chips and now it looks so much cleaner.

The peas are nearly ready to pick soon as well..
What's happening in your vege garden????

Tomorrow Chloe, Harrison an I are going on a trip to visit Jessica, Grace and Abby...
So there will be lots of baby photos when I get back....
Have a great week all


  1. Your garden looks great Mandy.

    I have beetroot and carrots ready too. Just deciding what I should do with the beetroot. I have plenty preserved so will probably freeze this lot and make something different. I have a recipe for orange and beetroot chutney and some beetroot and chocolate brownies, so might try them out.

    Have a lovely time with your family.


  2. Mandy, I love that 'flower'. I just love quirky things in the garden.

    Enjoy your time with your little granddaughters. I miss mine terribly. I was going to ask you if you were coming to the Natural Pest Control workshop on the 24th but it sounds like you might be away then. If you know of anyone else who would like to come they would be most welcome.

    We have mainly brassicas and carrots growing at present. It is much too warm up here for this time of year.

  3. Oh, I love your garden/yard! So fun!!

  4. Such a pretty yard and I love that windmill - sharing it on Facebook!


  5. ps Pinning it all over the place too!

  6. Love your garden and your windmill!