Monday, August 26, 2013

A good month.....

What a great week end we had here.
The sun was shinning and the wild wind looks like it is gone for another year.
I have been getting quite a haul from the vege garden every evening for tea.
Peas, carrots, beets, broccoli, zucchini and lettuce.
I love going out to the garden and picking veges for tea don't you.
No more zucchinis now though as we got 2 big frosts through the week and wiped them out. I was lucky though as only the zucchinis and tomatoes got hit every thing else survived.
With the warmer weather I am getting ready for Spring. Only a week to go and Spring will be here.
I got a mat for the dinning room, I have always wanted a mat under the table but never saw the sense it them as I would always be cleaning it.
I discovered these indoor/outdoor mats last year and so got this nice green one, they are recycled and plastic which makes them so easy to clean. I just mop mine when I mop the floor. I have one in my office and the first one I got is still like new it hasn't faded or worn at all.
I love the color it brings to the room and how it grounds the dinning table. It is a month today since I left work......boy has the time flown...All book work is up to date and I'm slowly getting Bruce's under control...........slowly......slowly.....they have been a bit neglected....
What did you get up to on the week end????


  1. Hi Mandy. I so love the posts that you put up showing photos of your home. It always looks like a really warm home filled with so much love. Everything you have done to it I absolutely adore. I think I could come and relax and not have a care in the world at a home like that. Ahhh, I think I might have to make it my "happy place" where i go in my mind.

  2. We had a great Natural Pest Control workshop with our Simple Living Toowoomba group on Saturday and learned a lot. Kelly is a great teacher.

    Your house looks really lovely and welcoming and those new mats look great too.

  3. Your veggies are doing great Mandy. I only said to hubby today how nice it is to just go out to the garden and pick something to eat...hopefully our frosts are nearly gone. I am so wanting to get out there and plant!

  4. The joy of going into your own garden and picking some fresh food for your table just cannot be beaten!

  5. You have a beautiful home and your garden vegetables look amazing. I really love the colour and design of your dining room rug. That shade of green looks amazing.