Thursday, September 12, 2013

A walk to the Red Gate.....

Hi all
I wanted to share the beautiful Moonlight Grevillea that is all a  bloom at the moment, doesn't it look amazing against the blue Spring sky.
Then I thought we would go for a walk down to the red Gate at the bottom of the garden...see it in the distance.
 This is the rain forest part of the Garden that Greg started 17 yrs. ago. Above is the Mulberry tree that is full of fruit just starting to ripen. This tree has a weeping effect and when it is all covered in leaves this is the coolest part of the garden.
The Clivias are in full bloom as well as the Bird of Paradise.
Below you can see some of the colours that the Clivias come in, my favourite is the cream on the left.
The palms are getting tall down here and the under growth needs a bit more filling in. More bromalads and Clivias I think.
Here we are at the Red gate, over the back you can see is the chook house and the chickens, they are out side the house yard so they can roam free all day and lay us lovely eggs.
 It is very dry at this end of the garden and is in need of a make over.
To the left of the gate is this hill that I have just finished mulching as it was so dry, at the top of the hill you can just see The Old Dairy. The Saliva's do well on the hill so I think I will plant a few more, I have plenty of cuttings I can put here.
Yesterday I got these Grevillea's from Toowoomba and I will plant them up on the hill as well, one is a ground cover called Molonglo which looks a lot like the Moonlight in the first picture hopefully the ground cover will help to keep the soil in place.
To the right of the gate is this area, very full of Salvia's that I have just chopped back to nothing. In a month or 2 they will be nice and big again though. I have started at this end of the garden pruning and mulching so as I go along I will share with you and at the end you will have been all around the garden.
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  1. I don't think I have ever seen cream cliveas, Mandy. We have the really dark orange one and the lighter orange cliveas and hubby has collected lots of bromeliads from garage sales. They aren't liking this heat we have been having though. I do hope it cools down again soon and we get back to normal spring weather.

  2. So very pretty, and I LOVE that red gate!!