Sunday, September 29, 2013

Carnival Week...

This week Toowoomba has been celebrating the
Carnival of Flowers....
We started last Saturday with the Wine and Food festival and the parade.
The wine and food festival is a great week end filled with Great wine, food and live bands...This is our third year of playing tourist in our own home town and we all enjoy the great family weekend.
Monday saw Robbie and William go of to camp for a week so it was only Cassie home for the week.
Monday saw us going to the quilt exhibit. Us being my friend Helen and myself, the quilt below was my favourite out of them all. There were so many but this one caught my eye as the stars were not visible at first until you really looked at it, subtle but brilliant I thought.
Then after lunch it was of to see the gardens, so many to see and ALL of them were outstanding.
Below is a sweet little nook we had a rest in, I could imagine sitting here having a good wine and some cheese.
Colour every where, so many ideas going through my  mind as I walked around.
By the time I got home that night I had sore feet and lots of inspiration.....
Wednesday saw
Bruce, Cassie and myself head into the Lockyer Valley to have a look around....We were going to look a a caravan so thought we would look around on the way, we got to look at the van at 3pm....Not getting it as it was bad really bad......Worth the trip though as there is So many amazing shops in this area. Well worth the drive down through Forest Hill and out through Laidley...
So many thrift shops as well I went to 10 all up and got some great finds.
My favourite find of the day was this little shop in Laidley called Potato Studio....So full of some amazing bits and bobs. Below is a taste of what they have with these ceramics....and so much more, I will be going back again.

We stopped at some great little cafes a long the way, they day did seem a bit like a food crawl hahaha
So we came home with no caravan, but lots of goodies from our travels...

This week I will be doing catch up on house work, book work and yard work. Never mind all worth it for the wonderful week we had...
Blessings to All


  1. I had a look around Queens Park and Laurel Bank Park before leaving to visit my girl and her family in the Outback where it is 39 degrees and it is dry and brown from lack of rain. It makes me appreciate our beautiful parks so much more when I see how barren a lack of rain makes a place look. It sounds like you had a great week.

  2. Enjoyed my virtual visit to your area and the Carnival of Flowers, brought back memories of the time I did get to attend, and I remember the quilts as the most wonderful I have ever seen, one was a moonlight scene wallhanging with the moon shining across the water, and the other with a multitude of Egyptian figures.

    Have a great week. Love and Blessings.

  3. Wow, pretty gardens and I love that quilt, a real optical illusion!

    Your part of the world looks so sunny at the moment and we are back to the dead of winter, it seems. Copping all those strong winds and lots of rain. Good for the garden but not much else!

    Cheers - Joolz xx