Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spring has Sprung...

Two weeks ago my garden was a blaze of bulbs colour and green grass, Spring was on the way. Vases full of flowers all through the house and the smell of Jasmine and butterfly bush throughout the air.

Well it looks like Spring has been and gone.
We have had some doozies of frost and they have done a number on my garden....Through winter I let the nasturiums grow wild and then when a frost comes they are usually hit and the plants under neath are saved. Below is how most of my garden is looking ATM.

The roses are starting to come out slowly..

All the Bulbs are gone, we had such a mild winter up until August that every thing was out in flower...Then when it frosted it took every thing.

But I know Spring is here as the Jacaranda tree is losing its leaves as is the Book leaf tree...
Lots of raking coming up over the next couple of weeks.

But when the leaves are gone and those beautiful purple flowers are all over the tree it is worth all the raking...

 Washing is drying faster with the sun out, and days in the garden are getting longer.
Yes Spring is in the air....


  1. We had the frosts too, Mandy and the bromeliads didn't like them much but we didn't lose too much thankfully. I just finished doing a blog posts on what is flowering at present so we are quite fortunate. What a shame you lost so many plants! Yes, the Jacaranda trees are always outstanding and remind me that exam time in our schools is coming up when I see them.

  2. I raked up all the Jacaranda twigs and leaves yesterday, sooooo much, I think it was the dry Winter taking it's toll, hope I won't have to do much more this year, the Frangipanis seemed to miss the frost this year, maybe they are tall enough now.
    Lots of weeding to get on top of quickly, thank goodness the days are warm and longer now.
    Sorry to hear you had some frost damage, maybe some of them will recover and bloom again.