Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This and That....

What a wonderful Tuesday...
Last night we all woke up to the sound of Thunder and lightening and Rain lots of rain....We are so thankful as the tanks were getting low,on our last half a tank....The gardens were looking thirsty as well.....Now the tanks have water and the hills have a green tinge to them.
It was a good end to a great week end....We all went to the Sunshine Coast for a long weekend just what was needed. The boys did a lot of fishing and the girls and I spent time on the beach, eating and going through the thrift shops. Perfect week end had by all.
I spent time on Pinterest, see this chair below? I found lots like them on Pinterest, just what I want to do with my favourite old chair, cover it in a patch work of colour. So yes a lot of time was also spent in the thrift stores looking for old floral sheets and material...I didn't get any sheets but we did get lots of other goodies that I will share later in the week.
Monday afternoon when we got home this wonderful little book was waiting for me in the mail....So much goodness in one book... have you seen Dottie Angels blog it is worth the visit...www.dottieangel.blogspot.com So simple and sweet with lots of good ideas.

Today I have been going like a mad woman in the garden after the rain, weeding, pruning, potting up cuttings and being so very thankful to our Maker for once again being able to be at home and look after my family, even if these days my family is much smaller...lol
Now back to the garden for a little while, then of to the Mobile Library ending with a visit to a sick friend.....
Blessing to All


  1. So glad to hear you have had some rain Mandy. We have had a bit here and a lot of wind over the last few days!

    I think the mish mash of colours will look great on your chair. Hope you find some suitable fabric soon...


  2. Mandy, I love the Sunny Coast and we go there each year. Caloundra is my favourite place as it is a tad quieter there. It was nice to get the rain although we didn't get a real lot up here on the western side of town. Some is better than none though and the garden was happy nonetheless.

  3. Love the look of that chair and can't wait to see how you transform yours.

    Cheers - Joolz xx