Monday, October 14, 2013

A kitchen make over.....

Hi all hope you all had a wonderful week end...
We have been getting ready for some kitchen remodelling around here.
The problem is I love my wooden kitchen cabinets, and my kitchen for that matter, but it is looking old and tired., time for a change......When I got my wooden cabinets made many years ago I had them made as furniture. That way I could always move them around if I needed too.
So in this remodelling I will be keeping the wooden cabinets but moving them, moving the stove and painting the walls. I had thought about painting the wood all white but I have decided not to, mainly because if I did I don't think Jessica would ever come home again, she told me I wasn't allowed to paint them and I think she may be right on this one.

I am also going to be getting some more built in cabinets along this wall (below)
Being an old Queenslander there is no built- ins other than the bedrooms which I had built soon after we moved here. The new cabinets in the kitchen will be some where for me to store linen and bits and bobs around the house.
Looks a bit different with every thing down off the walls doesn't it?
I am living like this only for a  couple of weeks while it gets all done. Bruce has already moved the stove and made a new bench and moved the old ones to where I thought I wanted them...
So far it is looks just the way I saw it in my head.....No photos yet until it is all finished though.

Meanwhile most of my dishes that were on the  shelves are now on the veranda!!!! All good though I just walk out there when I need some thing. Next week though when it is getting painted I think it will be barby week and out door eating....
Now I'm going to make that cuppa I am needing and sit down and spend some time catching up with you all....
Have a great day....

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chia Seed Choc Cake and some sewing.........

Hi All
I know my Family room looks a mess as it has been a hive of activity all day.
Grandma is busy knitting me dishcloths and face washers, I have been sewing making some new creations. You will have to wait to see what I'm up too though.

In the middle of all this activity Will announces "Their is nothing to eat" of course not just as
I have my sewing bug in full swing I have to stop to make a cake.

Never mind though as I got a new cook book when I was at The wine and food festival.
Gluten free grain free
Tania Hubbard
I watched Tania do a cooking demo and love it all so much I got her book....And what a wonderful book it is...
I just whacked every thing into my Thermomix and then in the oven and
A rich chocolate cake....
Chia  Seed Chocolate Cake
Chia seeds 4 TBLS soaked in 1 cup of water for 15mins
Cocoa Raw 1/2 cup
125 grms soft butter
5 eggs
1 cup Almond meal
1 cup coconut palm sugar or sugar of your choice ( I use Rapidura organic )
pinch salt
1 teaspoon bi carb
Combine all ingredients except chai seed mixture, mix all together then mix in chai seed mix.
Pour into lined cake tin and cook for 40-45 mins on 180C or until cake springs back ...
Cool for 10  mins then enjoy.....
Very moist cake but O so good......

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gardening and Pizza.

How is the weather treating you?
It is hot here, I am following the shade around gardening.
This morning I have been working in the vege garden and back garden.
There is always some part of the garden in shade so I can spend most of the day out there.
My red table and chairs is a nice spot for a cool drink in between.
Below is a Peach tree that has never flowered or had fruit. Does any one have any ideas why this would be. The nectarine and Apricot near by have lots of fruit and they are all the same age. I am thinking I may need to get a new one, and I'm not sure whether to rip this out or leave it as a shade tree.

I am busy putting mulch all around today to keep the gardens moist, but it is getting to hot so I've come in to blog instead......I've left my Italian back packer doing the rest.....

I have also been planting up lettuce and cucumber seedlings in the green house with the mister on. Now I am thinking of moving my hammock in there this summer and that's where you'll find me.

I mentioned my Italian back packer before, well I have a lovely couple staying, they were married in May and are here on their Honeymoon.
Sunday night they made pizza for us for tea....All I can say is
yummmmmmmmmmmmmm so good.

They are welcome to make pizza any night they want...

Well I had better go and get every one lunch ready then after when it cools down I will be back out in the garden..