Monday, October 14, 2013

A kitchen make over.....

Hi all hope you all had a wonderful week end...
We have been getting ready for some kitchen remodelling around here.
The problem is I love my wooden kitchen cabinets, and my kitchen for that matter, but it is looking old and tired., time for a change......When I got my wooden cabinets made many years ago I had them made as furniture. That way I could always move them around if I needed too.
So in this remodelling I will be keeping the wooden cabinets but moving them, moving the stove and painting the walls. I had thought about painting the wood all white but I have decided not to, mainly because if I did I don't think Jessica would ever come home again, she told me I wasn't allowed to paint them and I think she may be right on this one.

I am also going to be getting some more built in cabinets along this wall (below)
Being an old Queenslander there is no built- ins other than the bedrooms which I had built soon after we moved here. The new cabinets in the kitchen will be some where for me to store linen and bits and bobs around the house.
Looks a bit different with every thing down off the walls doesn't it?
I am living like this only for a  couple of weeks while it gets all done. Bruce has already moved the stove and made a new bench and moved the old ones to where I thought I wanted them...
So far it is looks just the way I saw it in my head.....No photos yet until it is all finished though.

Meanwhile most of my dishes that were on the  shelves are now on the veranda!!!! All good though I just walk out there when I need some thing. Next week though when it is getting painted I think it will be barby week and out door eating....
Now I'm going to make that cuppa I am needing and sit down and spend some time catching up with you all....
Have a great day....


  1. Hi there I have some material for you if you would like to email me you won the vintage give away.
    Cant wait to see the new pain job

  2. Looking forward to see the next posts Mandy. I love it when you renovate!

  3. I like the kitchen as it is but obviously you are ready for a change, Mandy. It is good barbeque weather at present and just as well by the sounds of it. :-)

  4. looking forward yo seeing your "new" kitchen!