Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gardening and Pizza.

How is the weather treating you?
It is hot here, I am following the shade around gardening.
This morning I have been working in the vege garden and back garden.
There is always some part of the garden in shade so I can spend most of the day out there.
My red table and chairs is a nice spot for a cool drink in between.
Below is a Peach tree that has never flowered or had fruit. Does any one have any ideas why this would be. The nectarine and Apricot near by have lots of fruit and they are all the same age. I am thinking I may need to get a new one, and I'm not sure whether to rip this out or leave it as a shade tree.

I am busy putting mulch all around today to keep the gardens moist, but it is getting to hot so I've come in to blog instead......I've left my Italian back packer doing the rest.....

I have also been planting up lettuce and cucumber seedlings in the green house with the mister on. Now I am thinking of moving my hammock in there this summer and that's where you'll find me.

I mentioned my Italian back packer before, well I have a lovely couple staying, they were married in May and are here on their Honeymoon.
Sunday night they made pizza for us for tea....All I can say is
yummmmmmmmmmmmmm so good.

They are welcome to make pizza any night they want...

Well I had better go and get every one lunch ready then after when it cools down I will be back out in the garden..


  1. Hi there love your blog the garden looks beautiful despite the heat. Its quite cold and windy down where I live. That pizza looks delicious xx

  2. Hope you got some of the rain that fell up here overnight, I will have to get out and lay some more mulch to keep the moisture in the soil, with the heat to come.
    Pizza looks delish! best pizza I ever had was from a local restaurant 4 years ago,(since closed) cheese, garlic and salt,awesome ! the original pizzas only ever had about 3 toppings.
    Fingers crossed you get some more made for you,tastes better when cooked for you :)

  3. Gale force winds here lately, playing havoc with all the plants! Lovely heat and dirt with a bit of rain, typical spring weather...

    I cant help you with the peach tree. I wonder why it doesn't fruit...Think it is time for a new one.

    Those pizza's do look very nice indeed!