Friday, November 1, 2013

Where Have I been?

No  where interesting
in fact no where at all, you see after 2 weeks into the new month our inter net is so slow
that I can't blog, read blogs in fact anything that has pictures is out.
So instead of blogging I have been going to some open gardens in my area.
Last weekend Bruce and I went to Oakey and  Ravensbourne, this garden in Ravensbourne Below had a dam so big it was more of a lake.
This is a working Avocado farm as well, they didn't have a lot of flowers but lots and lots of trees that made it seem like a park (with a lake sighhhhh)
You can see the different colours of the foliage is this photo.
We also went to an old homestead in Oakey called Dalmeny, lots of old trees and Oleanders and conifers. At the front you can see the rose garden.
For me though the most amazing garden I have ever seen was at Mulgowie.
Hilldale Estate Garden
This garden had it all, water features, vineyards, lagoons 7 of them no less.
The water feature below was in the sunken garden...
Below is the most amazing arch I've seen, my pictures don't do the work justice I'm sorry. In the corner you can see my poor MIL she was getting tired by this time.

 Below is one of the lagoons they all ran into each other with bridges going across. The thing that stuck me with all 3 gardens was there are very few flowers, it really showed that you don't need lots of flowers to make a magnificent garden.
OK I'm going to stop going on about them now, but I have enjoyed walking through and getting some ideas for my garden, mostly a lake would be good hahaha. You should have seen Bruce's face when I said that to him....
I have also been spending time with this little cutie pie...That is a healthy Chai cake he is eating too, Harrison and Grandma love this cake, our little secrete OK.

I am so looking forward to Christmas so I can spend time with all 4 of the grandies.
I just had to show you this photo we got taken of myself and the most beautiful babies.. I am going to get this photo framed I love it so much....I will share some more in another post.
The kitchen is coming along nicely, below is a sneak peak...It is painted, furniture moved to its new spot, lights all up, but no new floor coverings yet...Mostly I can't find any thing I like!!!!!!! So I can wait....The new built ins will go in, in the next week or 2 so I have some time yet to decide..

Well I'm sorry about the long rambling post....
Blessing to all


  1. Lovely post Mandy :)

    That is a gorgeous photo of you and the grandies, so precious it deserves to be in a frame...

    Cant wait to see the renewed kitchen, looking so much different already :)

    Internet here is dodgy too, that is why I haven't been blogging much either, it takes soooo long :)

    Take care and God bless,


  2. I think we should all have a lake. Love the Arch, a work of art.

  3. I haven't been to any of these Open Gardens. They do look lovely though. It's great to see those healthy little grandchildren. What a joy they are. I wish mine lived closer as I only see them twice a year. That's a pity about the slow internet. It's okay up here on top of the hill thankfully.

  4. Love the photo of you with the Grands. Perfect for framing!! You are blessed.