Monday, December 9, 2013

Getting there...nowhere fast.

Well at least that's how it feels some days...
But I have been busy getting the kitchen cupboards in...
All right not me really
More like Bruce, Robbie, Damo and Loris. I was actually busy in my sewing room,
but I did offer encouragement...hahaha
All the wall units are now in and we are just waiting for the bench top to arrive.
Photo reveal when it is all in...
Today I have been busy putting the last of the Christmas decorations up.
I have my Angels on the shelf in the kitchen, and a potted tree I got last Christmas on the other side with lights....
The Christmas tree is up
and the dinning room table is looking festive.
When I go to town next I am going to get a lot more greenery to put around.
Still a few rooms to do and then I will give you a tour.

When I put my photos from the camera onto the computer I found lots of photos of Grace and Abby that Jessica must have taken when she was here.
I thought I would share there happy faces with you.

Have a great week...


  1. Oh my! What happened Abby has grown up so quick. What a gorgeous family you have. Louise

    1. Thank you Louise, the babies are getting big fast I'm not even thinking about 3 babies and 1 two year here for Christmas...hahaha I will enjoy ever moment I only hope the Christmas tree gets through it.

  2. Ow Mandy everything is looking very exciting. Can't wait to see everything finished. The dining area is looking very christmasy. Your two grandies are so adorable and growing up so quickly. They will be sooo much fun at christmas. Hoping you have a wonderful family christmas xxxx

    1. I am so in love with these two girls they are so much fun. I am so happy with the kitchen it is just as I imagined. Have a blessed Christmas Deb.

  3. New kitchen in for Christmas, wow, you will enjoy that so much, had to have mine replaced early this year from a water leak, loving the drawers instead of cupboards, sooooo much more useable space and no more head down, bum up, in corner cupboards trying to find stuff at the back... yaaaay !
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas with lots of family get togethers.

    1. I am loving the drawers as you said so much better then deep wasted space in the back....Have a blessed Christmas.

  4. Mandy, it's all looking good. I imagine you can't wait till it is finished. I just love the chandelier.

    1. Thanks I love the chandeliers in the kitchen, lots of bling..Have a blessed Christmas.