Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life is good..............

I have been having the best time the last 5 weeks.
I have been going to Jamie's  Ministry of Food at the mobile kitchen. You can have a look at this link.
When I sold the business cooking classes was on my list to do ...So when the mobile kitchen came to town my friend Helen and I went. What a lovely bunch of ladies we were cooking with we had such a good time and learnt some great tips.

Last week end I did a permaculture course....this was so interesting and I have learnt so much.
Most of what I learnt I am already putting into practice so I really just need to work and fine tune what I am doing here at home.

 I have spending a lot of time in my green house  planting up seedlings and taking cuttings. It is so nice and cool in there so it's a good spot to be on these warm days.

I have also been sewing again now I have a room to sew in...Making Christmas dresses for Grace and Abby and shorts and singlets for Harrison and Mason.
Above is Harrison in his out fit all ready for the local Christmas Carols...
below is the dresses I made the girls.

I have enjoyed these last 2 months so much, finding myself again. I have learnt to slow down a bit, which isn't easy when life has been so hectic. I've been helping out at Williams school with him and he loves me being there... Tomorrow is his last day of school and then he is finished for the year. The last five years have been so full on that he has missed out on so much time with me and now he has only one year left of primary school.
We will get plenty of time now though with the summer holidays we are both looking forward to them.
I am enjoying all the Christmas blogs there are some amazing decorators out there.

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  1. Will must be growing up so quickly! Oops, just reading about that Permaculture course...I was supposed to book my husband into that!!! Just as well he has a bad memory (like me). LOL! I will have to click on that link about the mobile kitchen to see where it was held. I hadn't heard anything about that before.