Friday, January 25, 2013

Before and After..

   Remember these I showed you in an earlier post.
Well they have been sitting around waiting to be put together.
Yes you guessed they are chair seats. When I got my red table for the kitchen I didn't realize that it came with 4 chairs. This is how they looked before (below)

And Now
Nothing like a fresh coat of paint and some bright covers to give some tired old ugly chairs a bright fresh look.
This is the first time I've done chairs and I'm happy with how they turned out.
I was thinking of selling them, but when I made all the new cushions and had material left I new they would look great in here.

I have been using the stool for awhile now but I'm thinking of taking it out and putting chairs back as we are not having 10 for every  meal at the moment...

I love the way the cushions and chairs all match in and bring the much needed colour to these rooms.
Also if you look closely at the lounge chair and the chair in the corner you will see I have placed some yellow sheets on them. I got them from Vinnie's ages ago and love the extra retro look they bring .

As you can see below I did have the white leather ones here. The new chairs are not as high as the leather ones and I think it opens it all up a bit more.

I am so happy with the way this area looks now.
It is a sunny bright area to eat, sew,watch T.V, read in.
Blessings and Have a great week end

Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome Harrison..........

It wasn't long ago that Chloe and Damien were married..and Looking forward to the birth of there first child.

 Harrison MacGregor Sutton
made his way dramatically into the world on Friday the 18th Jan 2013.At 11:51 am
9lb 5oz and 59 cm long.

Chloe and Damien.
Chloe started labor on Tuesday and by Friday morning they decided to give her an emergency C section...We now know that was the right choice as  Harrison had the cord wrapped around his neck 2 times...

The most beautiful baby boy there is with a hint of his Dad's red hair.

Uncile Will thinks he is all right as well.
 The year is of  to a good start one grand child born and 2 more due in the next 2 months.
To say I love this little boy is an understatment, love is amazing, it dosn't mater how many children are born into my family I always nhave more love to give...

Welcome Harrison I love you ...

Above Harrison is only 1 hr old and looking around as if to say
Hello do I know you? 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More sewing....

I promise this is the last post showing cushions, mostly because I have run out of material..
And well I have made 20 and that is a lot but I think I could still find room for more..
I felt I needed a touch of yellow and orange and the yellow just makes it I think.
Below is the family room.
I have put some black and white ones down here as you can see the blinds out side are black and white stripes.
I really do think I could fit a few more down here, don't you?

The sewing bug has caught on and Cassie is making her self a quilt, she just has the border to put on now.

I have another project under way, with the left over material, can you guess what I'm up too????

I hope you are all enjoying your week...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A wonder in the garden.

I thought I would share a few garden photos.
Below is some garden art that Bruce made me for the garden from some bits and bobs lying around.It is supose to be a kangaroo but looks more likea begging dog I think, he's cute any way.

For Christmas this year Bruce made me a green house, below you can see him hard at work. It is at the back of the vege garden. I already have some seedling going in there, I will show you more photos later.

The side garden looks lovely and cool and is always welcoming on hot days like today.
Every thing is growing well though the veges are having a hard time in this heat, that is way I am going to plant in the Green house and see how they do.

Below you can see it is at the entrance to the vege garden but goes out to the farm so no room was taken from the vege garden.I wanted it built from star pickets and poly pipe that was lying around so all we had to buy was the shade cloth. 

I am having another day off  today so nice to be home with the kids in the school holidays,they will soon be finished.
Now back to the sewing machine,making cushions for the family room now.
Blessings to all

Monday, January 7, 2013

My New Sewing Nook ( No 3 I think)

I have pictures, I 'm still unable to get a browse when I go to photos so I am loading them straight to pisica photos and then I  can add them no worries, it was a fluke that I worked this out  I tell you.
But I can now show you my new sewing nook...
Below is when I moved from the Old Dairy into the family room.
Now I have moved in to the main living room. I needed to have more light and I like to look out the window when I am sewing.
So I moved this cabinet and put a desk that I had around there.
I use the dinning room table to cut out on so every thing is nice and close. Not Ideal I know, but it works and at night I can have tea and go back to sewing..

I have made 8 new cushions so far and as I am blogging my material has arrived from   So after lunch I can get in and make some more. 
I thought I needed some yellow so I will make some yellow ones. The hard part is choosing the fabric as Fabric Traders have so many to choose from.

I am now back to having Monday's at home as I have got some-one that is working for me Mondays and when school starts it will be Mondays and Thursday's. Then when these Grand babies start coming I can drop every thing and go to Roma or Charters Towers or even across the road to Chloe. Now as long as Alanah DOES NOT  get married and settle in Canada I am all ready to go.
Have a great week all...
I'm going to get that sewing done.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Arghhhhh blogggggerrrrrrrr

I have been busy sewing up a storm here. I have got my sewing mojo on and I'm making lots of bright cushions to brighten the place up.
Taken lots of photos and it all looks pretty good.
But I can't show you, why? blogger has no browser button so I can't load photos, first it was my photos were full and wouldn't let me put up photos and now this.
I see there
are a few blogs that are having trouble with loading photos as there is no browser button.....Any ideas ladies????
After Chuch to today Cassie wants to go and get some material as she has been inspired to finish her quilt, hopefully Monday there will be photos....
Have a great Sunday all.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Catch Up......

I hope every one of you had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New year. Our Christmas was very quiet this year with 3 of the children away.

I closed  the workshop down over Christmas and New year so spent 10 days at home titivating around the house. Soooooo nice to be at home and just be me.
I have cleaned and cooked and read and gardened and done all those lovely things I don,t do enough of any more.
I have been moving furniture around as well, the white cabinet  has found a new home in the kitchen, as you can see above it was near the side door, and below in the kitchen. Not to sure if I like it there yet or not..
A close up of my new stools which i just love. They bring a little touch of modern into this old house, and yet they go with my 1950's red table...

 I am looking forward to this new year with 3 grand babies due Jan, Feb and March...No 1 should be here soon we are hoping, well Chloe is hoping it will be soon. I miss having little ones around the place, we love it when Jess brings Grace home to visit, she is the sweetest little girl, I don't like being a long distance Granny but that is life and these children of mine do tend to move away.
I guess that means Greg and I did a alright job with them that they grew up to be independent Men and Women, that aren't afraid to move away and have a life of there own. Hmmmmm getting a little soppy here sorry about that, did I mention I am missing my kids.....
I am now going to catch up with you all and see how your New Year is going...
Blessing to All