Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The first week.....

My fist blog for 2014
I have been on a blog holiday as things have been so busy here
over the Christmas New year time.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.
I wanted to share what my 3 oldest got me for Christmas, just a wee  picture on canvas.
Organized by my wonderful DIL Karen. My first thought was "where am I going to fit it??"
We all agreed it looks great on the kitchen wall, every time I walk into this room I have 4 smiling happy faces looking at me...

This year Christmas 
was for the children, watching Grace opening her presents 
was so much fun and all the other 3 crawling around getting into what ever they can..

The cutest Santa's helpers haha

Before Christmas I got lots of sewing done, Christmas Stockings and clothes for all the grandies.

I have a new sewing room I mean total mess.
Bruce got me a movable room that has become my sewing room, well a donga really in fact I call her Donna the Donga. She's
not very pretty yet but O so good to be able to sew again and then walk out and 
leave the mess and I do mess well hahaha.

One day it will be clean though.
And the outside will look like this.
Hey a girl can dream.
I would show you a outside picture but i can't do it as it looks that BAD...
Just imagine this is it below.


One week into the New year and this handsome young man 
turns 16
Happy birthday Robbie.

Time is already marching on 

May 2014 be filled with dreams coming true
and much happiness to you all.



  1. What a beautiful family Mandy. The photo of the grandies is so precious. Now the "donga", is that like a caravan? I have never heard of the word before. How exciting though to be able to go and sew your day away then close the door instead of having to clean up-lol.

    1. Donga is like a empty caravan with out wheels, a lot of them are used as offices on the mines.

  2. I first heard about 'dongas' from my girl in Mt.Isa. They are quite common up there apparently. Robbie is already 16! My oh my! That makes me feel old as I remember him as a little boy. That photo is just beautiful and you must have been thrilled to receive it. Have a great 2014!

    1. That explaines where I got the word from as my childhood was spent in Mt Isa.

  3. The photo is lovely, so natural! A moveable craft room, how great, I would love a craft room now that I am starting to do more craft. Your xmas stocking is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Karen I love this photo, and yes my craft room will be well used.