Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kitchen reveal part 2.....

Hello to you all on this HOT day.
I thought it was time to  reveal the rest of the Kitchen, it has been 
a long time coming I'm sorry, but here it is.

The bench went in on Christmas eve, so we did have it for Christmas.
It makes the most amazing serving station now when we have family get togethers.

The over head glass cabinets are for all my vintage English china, dinner plates, cups and saucers, bread and butter plates, bowls I think you get the drift.
We have used pressed metal again for between the over heads and bench which we painted, I wanted it all to look 
like a large kitchen dresser.

 Under the bench is the all drawers.
I know it looks a lot of drawers, but this is my only storage as in old houses there is never any storage.
The first 2 sets of drawers are all full of table clothes, tea towels and all the other kitchen linen.
The small drawers in the middle full of baking paraphernalia and the next 2 thin drawers at the top are for coffee cups and plates, the large bottom drawer and last 2 drawers are for baking dishes and serving dishes.

The rest you have probably seen in the first reveal but here it is again.
My main food preparation area.

The cooking area with the new pressed metal splash back.

The island bench.

The sink area which is the only area that didn't get moved.

To say I love my new re-purposed kitchen is an understatement.
I sit in here often on the chairs through the hot days knitting or cooking.
This kitchen is my dream kitchen, I am proud of the way Bruce and I redid it for so little cost.

To see the full costing break down click on Kitchen and see reveal No 1.
Add to that 
$3000 for the Kitchen bench and we have
a grand total of 
Not bad for a kitchen of this size.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Absolutely love the white cupboards, big long bench top and the pressed metal. You both did a ripper job!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. It's stunning. I love the use of pressed metal as a splash back.
    The combination of timber and white is spot on. It is lovely. x

  3. Mandy, now I've got kitchen envy! LOL!

  4. Wow what a wonderful result, drawers are so great for making best use of the space available, my new kitchen is small but all drawers and I love it.
    Good to see you back at the blog, I have been sanding and painting in this #$%*&!
    heat, have to give up when the paint dries so fast it won't spread !!!!! but the "fernery" at the western side of the house will look great when it is done and will go back to being a usable relaxing space instead of a dumping area for STUFF,when you have a space 4X5 mtrs, silly to waste it with junk.
    Have you tried Vintage Latte yet?

    1. Thanks Joolz and Zara I love the pressed metal and it is easy to clean.
      Margaret having drawers is so good I can see what is in there at a glance. Good luck with the painting, it's nice when dumping areas return to there origanial purpose.
      Thanks Nana Chel.

  5. Very nice! Every piece is beautiful and peculiar in their own way, yet they blended harmoniously when you put them together. I, for one, commend your repurposing skills in making those drawers and kitchen dressers more pretty and functional. Cheers!

    Paul Klassen @ Pinnacle Renovations