Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sewing Room.

Happy Saturday to you all.
Today here has had a change  of weather, in one night we have gone from
32 degrees to a wonderful cool 24..
Now the cooler weather has inspired me to finally get my new sewing/craft room
fit to use.

I still need to paint the inside but for now I am just happy to have a space to call my own.

As you can see the ceiling needs lining, I am thinking of just lining this with material
that I have. Nothing the staple gun couldn't handle..

Plenty of storage with this bookcase that was my Mum's and has been 
in the storage room for years, it now houses my material.

The other end is set up for crafting mainly scrap booking. This end is where
Cassie does her craft.
The horn sewing cabinet I got from the same garage sale as the donga. The rest of the furniture 
has been raided from the house and storage room..

I would like to put a arm chair in here as well so I am on the look out for
one. Until then I have the little veranda on Donna where I can have a coffee
break and admire the garden.

Now I am going to go and do some sewing, I will post when I have finished.

Have a great and safe week end.


  1. Mandy, your craft room reminds me of a book called 'Granny Chic' from our library and the girls who wrote it have a section on how they decorated their caravan. They are really into vintage stuff...the kind of 'stuff' I had in the seventies. LOL! I had kitchen envy but now I have craft room envy. :-)

    1. Hahahaha that is funny as guess what book I was reading last night? Thank you for that,maybe one day my Donga will look like Tifs Gladys.

  2. Donna is looking good. I love the idea of material on the ceiling. I also love the rug on the floor. I am loving the cooler weather but wishing it would rain.

  3. Thanks Louise Jane I have a few of these mats now they are made from recycled plastic and are so easy to keep clean. We too are looking for more rain but I think it has gone now.

  4. What a lovely little spot to escape to and do a bit of sewing. x

  5. It might be a good idea to jam as much insulation in the ceiling as will fit and I am sure the fabric will look awesome, so nice to be able to personalise your sewing space.
    It is soooo great to be able to have the machine set up and ready to go when the mood strikes or time allows.
    .Don't forget to make your work area at bench height not table height,like the sewing machine, much better for your back, when cutting out quilts etc.