Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Busy Kitchen....

Hello to all in Blog land...
I have been a little quiet here on these pages lately...

We have been getting some much needed rain this week...
220mls so far
The tanks are full and so are the dams.....In wet weather like this I have been 
making supplies as you can see below, the real kitchen and how it really looks :)

I have been experimenting with my soap, and I made this one
Honey, Oatmeal, Lanolin and Pumice Stone Garden Soap.
I also used my new mold that I have been waiting for, doesn't it look good with the bee on them.

I also made
Double Choc Fudge..
Seriously this smelled so good Robbie wanted to lick the bowl out hahaha should have let him....
For both of these I used my basic Soap method and then added brown colour and chocolate scented oil...For the Garden soap I also used basic soap and added. 2tbles Oats, 1teaps Honey, 30g ground pumice stone and 1 tbls Lanolin.
I am really enjoying experimenting with the soap....

Below is the last of the Goats Milk Soap, I am waiting for the latest batch to finish curing..
I have also been busy knitting dish clothes and washers. I do have a nice stack starting to happen..

I also made a Double Choc Fudge soy candle, my thinking here laying in the bath with chocy candle burning
whilst bathing with chocy soap....Chocolate fix done, calories NONE....
I know I'm either a genius or stark raving mad (going with the last one)

I then got in and made a batch of Washing Liquid, I put some Lemon Myrtle oil in this batch and it smells so fresh....Enough here for 2 months...

Before I new every one was wanting dinner with chocolate dessert hmmmm
Wasn't the most popular Mum around when they realized I hadn't been baking...
And tea well......
It was all leftovers from the fridge, they didn't know that though I told them it was
Curried mince and veges...BUT there clothes are gonna smell good and so will they....

Last weekend
My Mum, Chloe, Harrison and I took a road trip out to see my eldest daughter for her birthday and also my youngest grand daughter turned one.

 Here is Abby with her Great grandma opening her bear that GGmar made her.

There was lots of help on hand for Abby.

We also went into Roma for Jess"s birthday and had a wonderful day out..

Now I should really go and bake for my family
I could stay here and catch up on blogs.....


Friday, March 7, 2014

Changing Rooms.........

Some days you just need a change right....

I thought I would get in and rearrange the Dinning lounge area.
 Some days I should stay in bed when I have ideas like this as it is safer...

The TV cabinet was against this wall and now 
below I have put some reading chairs there.

I moved the cabinet to the centre wall.
Lounge chair where the dinning table was.

Still trying to figure out where the wood heater will, need to find a new home
for my China cabinet. This seems the only wall for it though, so may-be in a different room.
I just don't know.
Dinning table along front windows now.
All looks so boring.....

Yep hate it..
Spent all morning moving every thing and I don't like it and I'm too tired to move it back

So went out and rearranged the front veranda...
Now I'm liking how it's coming together.

So I will have to sit in the newly arranged Lounge room and see if it looks any better...
Have a great week end..

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


IT is my very favourite time, with the heat behind us and the promise of cooler weather.
Cooler weather always makes me want to get in and sew, and now that Donna
is all clean I am enjoying sewing in her. I have been making aprons.
I also needed to put some new lace on some of my half slips and petticoats.
Most of the dresses these days are too short for my liking so I wear a 
half slip with a little vintage lace showing.

The big news is
I can knit!!!!!!
This skill has evaded me for years no matter how I tried....Well I got this Learn to Knit book from Lincraft with some other purchases free...It has been so help full that every thing has just clicked.
Below I present you with my very own first dish cloth...........

All right be nice girls hahaha
With the cooler weather and knitting :) reminds me I know longer
have my wood heater in the house as it got pulled out in the kitchen renos.

We have awhile yet before we will need it but we need to make a decision where to 
put it. The only option really is in this corner as the rest of the room is all windows.

As you can see below..
It will take up alot of room putting it in the corner, but I don't think I can give up my wood heater.
This house gets really cold in winter.

Enjoy your week
I am going to knit another dishcloth and then when I catch up with my Mum at the end of the month
she is going to teach me to crochet , then I can put little crochet edges around my dishcloths...
And no I can't crochet either...