Friday, March 7, 2014

Changing Rooms.........

Some days you just need a change right....

I thought I would get in and rearrange the Dinning lounge area.
 Some days I should stay in bed when I have ideas like this as it is safer...

The TV cabinet was against this wall and now 
below I have put some reading chairs there.

I moved the cabinet to the centre wall.
Lounge chair where the dinning table was.

Still trying to figure out where the wood heater will, need to find a new home
for my China cabinet. This seems the only wall for it though, so may-be in a different room.
I just don't know.
Dinning table along front windows now.
All looks so boring.....

Yep hate it..
Spent all morning moving every thing and I don't like it and I'm too tired to move it back

So went out and rearranged the front veranda...
Now I'm liking how it's coming together.

So I will have to sit in the newly arranged Lounge room and see if it looks any better...
Have a great week end..


  1. Ha ha, the new arrangement might grow on you, Mandy. It all looks lovely to me as our house is really really overdue for some TLC. I have been trying to twist someone's arm to get it done but with no success so far. :-)

  2. It's been a rearranging furniture afternoon here today too, it must be the weather.
    I've swapped the table the tv was on, changed artwork around and just did a bit of all round decluttering.
    You have such a lovely big space to work with, I'm a tad envious.

  3. I've tried moving all my wall photos/accessories/clocks/pictures/etc around the house, just for a change. It was a disaster and I ended up putting everything back in it's original place. It was a messy, tiring, process. Hope you far better than I did. We learn by doing. LOL