Sunday, April 27, 2014

Holiday Update...

I have been on Holidays, which means a holiday from blogging as well.

We drove up to Charters Towers to celebrate a 61st birthdays.
David and Karen turn 30 and Mason 1 that's 61.

We all had lots of  fun while there.
Water skiing and tubing.

The boys got some fishing in.

We even got a feed of fresh fish one night.

Jessica,Lock and girls drove up,Chloe, Damien and Harry flew up.
Bruce, Robbie, William and myself drove up there for 10 days.

Not all together but those of us that was able to make had a great time catching up.

Easter Sunday brought the Easter eggs and lots of smiles.

David and Karen put on a breakfast for all those that came up for the party...

Most of us enjoyed our breakfast, but there where those that ....
well lets say they had a headache and stomach bug.....

Easter Monday saw us head home via Jessica's where we picked Alanah up from her 2 week shift at Roma.

We got home in time for William to be in our local Anzac March.

I enjoy holidays, but more so when surrounded by my children and grandchildren.
Thank you David, Karen and Mason for a great Easter break.....



  1. What a happy time you had, Mandy. It would have been lovely to see all the kids!

  2. Lovely to have a big get together, looks like fun was had by all. Road trips are such an adventure.
    I hope your vegie garden got all that lovely rain last night, so gentle and soaking....good stuff : )

  3. What great times you've been having. You have a lovely family and it's a blessing to get to be together like this!