Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Living a simple life......

Every day I give thanks that I can now stay at home and look
after my family...
To have the time to cook good wholesome meals that my family enjoy.

To be able to potter in my green house raising seeds,
taking cuttings for friends and family.

 To plant those seedlings in the vege garden and then harvest them for meals.

Yes I am enjoying living my simple yet fulfilling life. Life is defiantly being lived at a slower pace here, one 
that I know this family is enjoying.

We are all kept busy working on and around our farm though.
Bruce and the boys have been very busy building fences to keep the new cattle in.
We now have 4 different paddocks to keep the cattle and sheep in.

I love walking out the back to see happy cattle grazing and all that fire danger being eaten down.

New fruit trees have also been fenced off, I have planted more mangoes, citrus and a Pomegranate, this will be my new food forest and eventually the chooks will be moved out here.

I still do the  bookwork for our business, and sometimes blogging..haah

But when I'm finished doing bookwork I can walk outside and pick some fruit, or do some gardening.
Yes my life is Simple happy and yet very busy.

There are now so many blogs out there that share there lives as they live a more simple fulfilling life.
I think more and more people are trying to reclaim there lives by getting back to the basics..
What do you think???



  1. I agree with you. I'm now home for my family. Now that the weather has finally cooled down I can get out in the veggie patch. It makes you feel so good to be out digging in the soil. Louise

  2. There is a real serenity about your post. The farm is looking wonderful and is going to bring lots of bounty by the look of things. Enjoy!

    Cheers, Joolz xx

  3. So So envious as i sit here shoving food in whilst continuing to work through lunchtime (what is that) and wondering what i will cook for dinner because i did 2 loads of washing this morning before work and forgot to take a frozen meal out. So So Envious but happy that you get to live this life and share it with us. Keep Blogging.

  4. You sound like you are really enjoying being at home now, Mandy. It has cooled down somewhat hasn't it. I hope you get time to come along to our Simple Living Group as it will be starting back up soon with some great workshops. I daresay you are on Margy's email list. Hope to see you there sometime. Have a blessed Easter.

  5. Sounds idyllic, Enjoy every moment!

  6. Slowing down and living the simple life is bliss, time to be productive and creative, while nourishing family and staying healthy.

    The lack of stress is apparent, even after 1 week of a friends retirement, she slept the first 2 days.....that says something about the way a lot of people are living, luckily word is spreading, even among the younger ones with little people.

  7. Hi Mandy, just catching up on your blog. I am having a hard time keeping up with blogs this year...I loved this post, I love living the same way as you, staying home and caring for my home and family and I wouldn't have it any other way :)