Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bread and gardening.......

Hi All
I have been experimenting with bread. I have been making different types of sweet bread for the boys for afternoon tea. Below is some scrolls I made, on the inside I sprinkled cocoa and sugar. I have also put dried fruit in some and then iced them. Today I put Lemonade butter into the middle....can't wait for them to cook.

I made some lemonade butter this week, it is sweeter than lemon butter. Next batch 
I won't put as much sugar into it. I made it up in my thermomix, so easy I just put all the ingredients in and walked away while it did the cooking. Love my thermomix.

Yesterday I got some kale seedlings that I will plant out today. I love kale I put it
into every thing(do not tell William he thinks it's lettuce). I also make kale chips in the barby, which William will eat, go figure....

My stone fruit trees are losing all their leaves, I will need to get in and prune them soon.
I am hoping for a good crop from them this year..

The roses have just finished their last
flush of flowers and will also need pruning in the next month or so. I think the
garden is so confused as we had some cold weather a month ago
and since then it has been very mild.
All of my bulbs are out off the ground, so they will properly flower in the middle 
of winter.

All this warm weather is not helping my argument to have the wood
stove put back in the house, so I'm hoping for some cold weather soon.

Have a great day
I am going to make a cuppa and catch up in blog land.



  1. Lovely Post. Yes, the weather is really confusing the plants. My daffodils are already up. I have pea pods on plants that are less than a foot tall. Keep on pushing for that wood heater, even if you only look at it.

  2. Mandy, be careful what you wish for as it may get really cold! LOL! The forecast is for above average temps for winter though so perhaps it won't be too bad. We are usually a little colder up here on the hill though I guess. The plants are certainly confused at the moment.