Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Spend Free Week and Around the Farm........

We have some new members of the food chain here.
Finally we have new chickens after all our rare bread ones were taken in the new year.
Why so long to get some? I really,really wanted rare bread ones again,but they are soooooo expensive.

So I decided to just get any chooks I could for now and slowly buy my rare bread ones 
a few at a time....For now though I am getting eggs again and I am happy.

Meet Martha (black) and Penny (brown)
These lovely girls are saddle back pigs, and they are so pretty and tame. Now we now that they will end up on the table
and every one says I shouldn't name them, but happy animals are what we are about and William and I can't be down  playing with them saying "Hey you" now can we.

As soon as the animals see me they all come running for there food. We have 2 sheep ready for 
slaughter, Starlight and Origin...We still haven't got a new ram after the chicken and sheep disaster at Christmas. I think I will have to buy some new lambs in spring for next year until our ram arrives.

 I was like the Pipe Piper of cows they weren't letting me get away with out something to eat, they followed me all the way to the gate and then bellowed at me. I am looking forward to the time they will be ready to eat as well, for now though we get our meet from a local organic farmer.
Next on the list in meat chickens, but that won't be until after winter, this time next year we will be very close to producing most of our food here on the farm.

This week I am challenging myself to a 
No Spend Week....
It is Thursday and I'm doing well, the cat is now eating weet-bix and almond milk as I have run out of cat food!!!!!
I am cleaning out the fridge and pantry and making some interesting meals.

I have a few things still in the vege garden that we are eating, won't belong before all the crops are ready to harvest.
We do have to go to Stanthorpe this week end for William to play soccer. We are taking the 
caravan and staying at the free site there, food I will take with me from home.
Well that's the plan.....I'll let you know how that goes!!!

It is interesting having a spend free week as I'm seeing that I tend to go to the shops
when I run out of something instead of making do with what I have..
Has any one else tried to to have a week with out spending money?
I would love to hear how you went....

Blessing to all


  1. Loving that you care for your animals enough to name them despite their eventual demise. Who wants to live without a name? Quality of life for your animals is what counts and im sure that is diminished by being nameless. Well Done.

  2. You certainly have a menagerie there, Mandy. How great that you will soon be producing most of your own food. Those pigs are so very cute. I thought they were statues at first. LOL! Enjoy your trip to Stanthorpe and take your Long Johns with you if you are going to be in a caravan.

  3. Wow, life on Storey Farm looks very busy! All the animals must keep you on your toes!
    I am the worst for zipping to the shops if I need something. Have been known to duck into town for a lemon at 8pm! I am stock piling a lot more now and my pantry is full of all the staples, spices and herbs and tinned foods.

  4. I don't go near the shops until I really have to. Hubby needs to do a shop to go on his bush trips once or twice a week, so if I need anything I get it then. My pantry is still pretty well stocked however my freezer is getting down at last because I have been using what is in there to live is quite interesting what recipes we can come up with when put to the test. Weet-bix and almond milk? Interesting concoction for your cat, I guess if they are hungry they will eat it :)