Thursday, July 10, 2014

Frozen Wonderland....

It has been cold today, the wind is howling through here.

Wednesday morning I woke up to my bottom garden completely frozen. The plant above is my Chinese lantern and weeds. Below is the chair with icicles hanging off it. It was a frozen wonderland down there.

I must confess that I left the sprinkler on down there over night, all that water and 0 start mornings led to the big freeze. See the branch below? it was covered in ice and so heavy it was bent to the ground. The amazing thing is that as of this afternoon nothing has been harmed, the plants don't even look like the have been frozen, I'll see what the next few days brings.

I didn't spend all day in the garden today as the wind really was horrible to be out in. Instead
I took the opportunity to clean the boys room while
they are away. 

I thought I would show you a picture as it is  very rare to see this room clean. 
Robbie and William have been at there sisters Jess for the last week having a holiday, they went out
on the bus Saturday morning. A first for them both.
They have been having a great time out there.

Tomorrow we will be going out to pick them up, we'll stay for the week end then head home Sunday as they start school Monday. It has been so quiet here with no children but boy o boy have I got some gardening done....

Have a great week end


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  2. Enjoy the weekend, Mandy. That was some frost you had. Tomorrow it is going to be 0C here so I will stay under the covers until it is safe to emerge. :-)

  3. Loving your room, looks so cosy you almost wouldnt mind the cold weather outside. It seems strange reading about icy cold weather when its so warm here.Soon be our turn though so we better make the most of the sun.

  4. Had some frosty morns too, I don't think ours were quite that severe.

  5. Glad I dodged the cold while I was up North.
    Thank you for the great workshop, I helped my daughter make 2 batches of the goatsmilk soap while I was away, the second lot had oats added and was hard to unmold as it was still not firm the next day, but all good now. The amount of oats was too much and retained moisture, so less next time, allways learning something.