Saturday, July 5, 2014

In the winter garden.

I bet you were all expecting photos from Melbourne
weren't you. Yep me too, only thing is when I went to put all 
my photos onto the computer I some how deleted them all.

 I had also had spent the day on Thursday at the Gold Coast with my youngest grandson Mason, yep lost all those photos too. I tell you I still feel sick from doing it.
Still don't know how I did it!!!!!!

 So that's why your getting photos of the garden.

The good news is 
Bruce is building me a glasshouse made from all recycled windows.
We have been collecting them for a while to do this.

He is building it in the vege garden adjoining the shed, you can see the collection of windows and doors we have. All looks a bit messy now but will be amazing when it is finished.

Below you can see it is taking shape, won't be long and I'll have 
my seedlings growing ready for spring.

Enjoy your week end, the weather is amazing here
a beautiful warm winters day made just for gardening.



  1. Yes, I was expecting photos of Melbourne, Mandy. I wonder how you managed to delete them. That glasshouse will be great to have.

    1. I don't know how I did it as there was some good photos....:(. The glass house will be great I can't wait.

  2. I'm no expert but did you check your recycle bin? Maybe they landed in there under recently deleted items? Have a search...

    1. Ok what is a recycle bin? Going to look for it and see.....

  3. Mandy,
    Oh dear. Opps.
    The recycle bin looks like a little waste paper basket icon on your computer screen. If the photos are not in there, they may be where ever you've uploaded them to because it sounds like you've clicked the box to delete photos from phone AFTER uploading. If you use your Iphone for pictures then your icloud, itunes should have them backed up in photostream.Your iphone does this when it opens itunes to sync.

    If you've actually deleted them from your computer and they are not on your camera then there is a program call RECOVER FILES which will search for a footprint of them to restore them. HOPEFULLY.

    If your eyes just glazed over, ask a techy computer savvy family member to help!


  4. try looking in downloads for your photos - my camera sometimes downloads to there instead of pictures.