Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Front Garden.....

What perfect gardening weather we have been having here,we
have spent the last 2 days in the front garden. When I say we I mean myself and a lovely 
backpacking couple from England.

Above is the garden today, I did get a little carried away pruning as you can see the same garden below in summer. hm mm a lot barer now.

The corner garden I have completely revamped, Marcus pulled out all the 
things I didn't want any more, there were lots of plants that were just getting old and not doing well so out they came. Lots of cuttings have been potted up from all the pruning.

The salvias needed cutting right back as well and they will all grow back
and flower in spring.

All the roses were all pruned back hard, fertilized and well watered.
I have planted lots of daises for lots of colour come spring.

Have you been spending time this winter in the garden getting ready for spring.
Later in the week these gardens will all be mulched with bark chippings to help keep the water
in come summer.



  1. That's a lovely summer garden in the making. Last summer's shot is beautiful, with the jacaranda overlaying everything else. Do you get much frost where you are?

    1. Hi Barb, we do get some good frosts here, so far every thing that has been frosted will grow back..But I am looking forward to the every thing growing again.

  2. Mandy, I haven't thought much about spring although I can see the Flanders Poppies coming up everywhere. I am trying to survive these cold morning especially the 0C mornings coming up in the next few days. You got a bad frost last year from what I remember. I have been covering some plants at night and so far so good.

    1. I have covered all the fruit trees that need covering and they are fine, the bananas though got frosted well just the tops though. Living here we will always get frosts you would think I would be used to it by now..