Monday, August 18, 2014

A little rain......

Hi All how did you spend your week end?
We had rain not big rain but enough to fill the tanks which is what we needed.

All the new plants I transplanted around the pond now look good after the rain, and some 
have new shoots on them.
I thought the pond could do with a fountain so I found this old light shade in the shed and gave it
to the master plumber to see what he could do.
Not to bad..
I still need to get more rocks and cover up the black plastic, that's the next job on the list.

The grass is looking green and the house clean after the rain
I love how every thing looks so fresh after.

 The citrus are doing well still and these mandies are sweet.
These fruit trees have been in 5 years now.

Today's job is getting rid of this hedge along the fence line, it is night jasmine and looks
out of place now we have enlarged the yard yet again. 

We planted more fruit trees in this area as well on Sunday, I have planted
a Cherry tree and a native berry called Jaboticaba it has berries on the trunk of the tree, something interesting I thought. We also planted another olive tree. Out the front of the dairy we also planted 3 kiwi fruits, 2 coffee bushes 1 apple tree and a new plum. 
Photos of those later.

The mangos and avocado are still covered to keep the frost out,so far nothing has been frosted except the poor banana trees, as you can see below. Hopefully come spring they will come back and we will get some fruit.

Enjoy your week 
 and all that it brings.


  1. Oh for the space you have to plant fruit trees where ever you wish. Though im not sure i could tackle your humidity at times of the year, my fruits preferences run to avacado, mango and bananas. You can get them to grow way down south but its really not worth the effort for volume. Great idea for the fountain. Love the sound of running water.

  2. It is amazing, no matter how much you water, it is never as good as even the lightest rain. We had 43mm here, very welcome. Your place is looking good and the fruit trees will take off once it warms up.

  3. Mandy, we only got 18mm or so of rain but it was better than nothing. I could have given you a Jaboticaba. They are certainly an unusual fruit and do take a few years before you get any fruit but they are worth having. I still have some Jaboticaba jelly left as I think I made up about twelve bottles and gave some away. Hope to see you at the workshop on Saturday.

  4. Good to see you got some rain, as Chel said we didn't get much here "up the top" but any is better than none.
    In another 2 weeks everything should start to look good, after the rain and the start of the warmer weather, I am harvesting my bananas at the moment, very sweet.

  5. I do like a garden pond. The plantings are looking good. It wont be long and they'll be lush and provide a lovely little habitat for frogs. x