Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Garden Walk.

Come for walk through the back garden with me.
As you can it has greened up with the little bit of rain we had,but if these westerlies keep up it will soon be all dried up again.

Down through the rain forest we go past the wagon 

and pond

down towards the chook pen

This is where I have pruned back a lot of shrubs here, they
will all fill out in the next few months. I have saliva's, grasses and coffee 
planted down here at the very back garden.

I have cleaned up the dry creek bed from all the weeds, you
couldn't even see the rocks it was so over grown.

 The mulberry tree is full of fruit and starting to get leaves, soon 
this will be a lovely shady tunnel. I'm thinking I might put a hammock down here to
hide in Summer.

There is plenty of monstera deliciosa  for the picking and eating.
If you have never tried this fruit I suggest you do, I have never been a lover of it but this year I tried it
again and find that I really like the fruit salad taste it has.

And here we are back to the house.

Below is a close up of our wisteria covered arch, this plant is only 2 years old 
and looks like we will be getting flowers this year.....

I hope you enjoyed the walk with me, soon there will be flowers and
the colours of Spring.

Enjoy your week



  1. That was an enjoyable walk, Mandy. Do you get many snakes at your place? I saw on the news last night that they were on the move looking for a mate but I think that was before this cold wind set in. It is so blowy up here on the hill so I hope it dies down soon. I had to come inside as it was very cold out in the garden and I thought I might get blown away! I hope the Carnival of Flowers gardens don't get wrecked.

    1. It was windy here as well but the sun was nice and warm, spent the day mulching. No snakes here that I've seen except the pet carpet snake in the shed.

  2. What a lovely garden you have. Thank you for taking us around. My mother and I always did 'the circuit' of the garden whenever I visited them at our old home. It was always relaxing, no doubt you feel the same at your place.

    1. Thanks Barb, my Mum and I always do the garden tour when we go to each other's house as well.

  3. Mandy I was unable to comment on the previous post so this may explain the lack of comments. I love following your posts ( you just don't post often enough) !

  4. Hi Carol, I know I am a terrible blogger, every week I say I will post more....I think people must get sick of seeing the same things so hank you for your encougment....

  5. Your garden looks great, I had to go back to work unexpectedly for 2 weeks, so I am exhausted and the thistles are up to my knees !!, so before I rest on the deck this weekend.. the lawn has to be mowed, the house has to be cleaned and all the compost buckets have to go in the tumbler, which has to be emptied.
    On a brighter note, my kombucha is going great and tastes delicious with the addition of ginger....and 2 of the bottles I haven't drunk have spontaniously grown a new scoby....yay

  6. Thank you for the lovely tour of your garden Mandy. It certainly is looking great on that nice sun shiny day!